N1RCN messages

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N1RCN Heard 03/26 23:03:53z Send another KE4AZZ,KC5ILO-2,WB8ERJ,N3FCX-4,K0KOC-7
W4JHM-6 N1RCN 03/25 22:16:03z Reply Heard you via ISS in Edgewater, FL EL98
N1RCN Heard 03/19 18:56:57z Send another KE4AZZ,W4TBD-6,K1WY
N1RCN Heard 03/19 01:00:00z Send another KE4AZZ,KE4SYV,K4KDR-6
N1RCN Heard 03/18 19:42:05z Send another KE4AZZ,KB1EJH,W4JHM-6,KB4ZC,K1WY
N1RCN W4JHM-6 03/18 19:40:46z Send another Gotcha
KM4YHZ N1RCN 03/17 22:52:14z Reply DE KM4YHZ EL96aq{YX}
KM4YHZ N1RCN 03/16 11:47:51z Reply Hello from Cape Coralo{XX}
KB4ZC N1RCN 03/15 12:02:17z Reply QSL de KB4ZC
N1RCN KB4ZC 03/15 12:00:25z Send another good afternoon
KB4ZC N1RCN 03/12 12:36:31z Reply QSL{H
N1RCN Heard 03/11 13:21:44z Send another KE4AZZ-6,KE4AZZ,W4TBD-6,K1WY
KA2CZU-2 N1RCN 03/10 22:18:55z Reply sry didn't hear u thru sat
N1RCN Heard 03/10 22:15:36z Send another KE4AZZ,KE4AZZ-6,AC2KU-1
N1RCN W4TBD-6 03/09 22:58:22z Send another de n1rcn EL87 Florida qsl?{01
KB4ZC N1RCN 03/09 14:50:29z Reply QSL{G
N1RCN KB4ZC 03/09 14:45:51z Send another de n1rcn EL87 Florida qsl?
N3FCX-4 N1RCN 03/06 23:02:32z Reply Gud to hear u on the psat de dan
K4KDR-6 N1RCN 03/06 15:24:20z Reply Heard you via PSAT in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1RCN N3FCX-4 03/06 15:24:09z Send another good morning
N1RCN Heard 03/06 15:21:28z Send another KE4AZZ,K4KDR-6,W4JHM-6,K1WY,K4AG-15
N1RCN Heard 03/06 00:16:01z Send another KE4AZZ,K0KOC-7,W4JHM-6
KB4ZC N1RCN 03/04 15:14:49z Reply QSL{F
N1RCN KB4ZC 03/04 15:14:25z Send another de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
N1RCN Heard 03/04 15:13:49z Send another K4KDR-6,W4TBD-6,K1WY
N1RCN Heard 02/27 18:06:16z Send another K0KOC-7,KK4NAM
N1RCN KA2CZU-2 02/26 17:19:58z Send another [AA] QSL and 73 de n1rcn EL87 {79
KA2CZU-2 N1RCN 02/26 17:19:54z Reply FM29 in NJ{79
N1RCN Heard 02/26 17:18:51z Send another N3FCX-4,W4TBD-6
N1RCN KE4AZZ 02/24 19:05:09z Send another [AA] QSL and 73 de n1rcn EL87 {00
KE4AZZ N1RCN 02/24 19:04:56z Reply This station is transmitting packets at a high rate, which can cause congestion in the APRS network.{Dt}
N1RCN Heard 02/24 19:04:04z Send another KC9YTT,KE4AZZ,N9ZTS,KE4AZZ-6,N5DGK-9,KM4YHZ
N1RCN Heard 02/24 19:01:45z Send another KC9YTT,KE4AZZ,N9ZTS,KE4AZZ-6,N5DGK-9
N1RCN Heard 02/23 19:54:37z Send another KE4AZZ,KB2M-4
N1RCN Heard 02/23 18:30:17z Send another W4JHM-6,KE4AZZ,KB4ZC,VE3FFB,K0KOC-7
N1RCN Heard 02/21 19:57:59z Send another KE4AZZ,WB3IJZ-9,K0KOC-7,K4KDR-6,KF4JTR-7,KA2CZU-2,VE3FFB
N1RCN Heard 02/21 19:56:43z Send another KE4AZZ,WB3IJZ-9,K0KOC-7,K4KDR-6,KF4JTR-7,KA2CZU-2
N1RCN Heard 02/21 19:55:51z Send another KE4AZZ,WB3IJZ-9,K0KOC-7
N1RCN K0KOC-7 02/21 19:55:38z Send another de n1rcn EL87 QSL? NO-84
N1RCN Heard 02/20 20:51:04z Send another KE4AZZ,K4HG-1
N1RCN Heard 02/20 20:50:47z Send another KE4AZZ
N1RCN Heard 02/20 20:38:11z Send another KE4AZZ,W4JHM-6
N1RCN Heard 02/18 21:00:23z Send another KE4AZZ,K4KDR-6,KB2M-4
K4KDR-6 N1RCN 02/18 20:58:12z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1RCN Heard 02/18 20:57:12z Send another KE4AZZ,K4KDR-6
W4JHM-6 N1RCN 02/18 20:29:14z Reply Heard you via NO-84 in Edgewater, FL EL98
N1RCN KE8AKW 02/18 20:28:09z Send another >de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 02/18 12:49:05z Reply Good Morning!! 73!{0A}
N1RCN Heard 02/18 12:47:57z Send another KL7JKC-6,KE4AZZ,KB2M-4
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 02/18 12:46:47z Send another de n1rcn EL87 QSL?
KE8AKW N1RCN 02/17 21:12:57z Reply ROGER EN80 QSL 73
K4WPX-7 N1RCN 02/17 21:11:54z Reply TNX for call EL89 in FL QSL{67
K4WPX-7 N1RCN 02/17 21:11:52z Reply Hi from EL89 in FL QSL?{66
N1RCN Heard 02/16 12:54:59z Send another XE3ISS-9
N1RCN Heard 02/15 13:47:30z Send another XE3ARV,KE4AZZ,XE3ISS-9,KE4AZZ-6
N1RCN Heard 02/14 22:47:49z Send another K4RGK-6,KE4AZZ-6,KL7JKC-6,KK4YEL-1
KK4YEL-1 N1RCN 02/14 22:47:48z Reply QSL. Happy Valentines Day and 73 !{74
N1RCN Heard 02/14 14:37:55z Send another KE4AZZ-6,XE3ARV
N1RCN Heard 02/13 23:39:20z Send another XE3ARV,KL7JKC-6,XE3ISS-9
N1RCN Heard 02/11 23:45:54z Send another K0KOC-7,KE4AZZ,KL7JKC-6
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 02/11 00:35:53z Reply n1rcn...qsl{06}
W0JW-6 N1RCN 02/11 00:32:35z Reply UR 599 EN31BE IOWA
N1RCN Heard 02/08 01:36:21z Send another KE4AZZ-6,KE4AZZ,K4HG-1,W4JHM-6
N1RCN KC5ILO-10 02/07 17:22:50z Send another de n1rcn EL87 Florida qsl?
N1RCN W4JHM-6 02/07 02:27:28z Send another 73 via ISS
N1RCN W4JHM-6 02/07 02:25:01z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
N1RCN KE4SYV 02/06 16:39:36z Send another 73{1