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N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/26 01:12:12z Send another KJ4HRM,N5JEP-7,K1WY,KG4AKV-5
KJ4HRM N1RCN 05/26 01:11:22z Reply Thx for contact. Have a great evening! 73 -- kj4hrm@arrl.net
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/13 14:11:46z Send another W8LR,KC9YTT,KD4UYP-9,W4TBD-6,KM4ZEQ-7
XE3N-1 N1RCN 05/11 15:56:04z Reply Hello via ISS EL60{76
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/11 15:56:01z Send another XE3ARV-1
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/09 18:50:49z Send another K0KOC-7,KR4PI
W4JHM N1RCN 05/08 16:57:04z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS W4JHM EL98
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/08 16:56:55z Send another W4JHM,KC4LE
KC4LE N1RCN 05/08 16:56:11z Reply hi from Red EM63
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/07 19:55:22z Send another K0KOC-7,N2UFM-1,KR4PI
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/06 17:04:53z Send another W2THC,K1WY,AK3Q-1,AB1OC,XE3N-1
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/06 17:03:30z Send another W2THC,K1WY,AK3Q-1,AB1OC
WA4ETI N1RCN 05/05 17:55:14z Reply Hello from NW Georgia!
K0FFY N1RCN 05/04 21:31:55z Reply QSL. TNX/73!{76
N1RCN K0FFY 05/04 21:30:40z Send another hi adam qsl?
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/04 21:30:13z Send another K0KOC-7,K0FFY,NZ4D-6,K9JKM
N1RCN K0FFY 05/04 21:29:48z Send another hi adam osl?
N1RCN K0FFY 05/04 21:29:18z Send another hi adam
N1RCN NZ4D-6 05/04 21:28:52z Send another 73 via NO-84 n1rcn el87
K0FFY N1RCN 05/04 21:27:29z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{75
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/03 22:02:00z Send another K0KOC-7,WD9EWK
N1RCN NZ4D-6 05/03 20:23:33z Send another 73 via NO-84 -n1rcn el87
CM5ADR N1RCN 05/03 18:06:29z Reply Hola via ISS!!{03
N2UFM-1 N1RCN 05/03 18:05:58z Reply Nice to sse you also{GB}
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/03 18:03:39z Send another K4RTS-1,N2UFM-1,CM5ADR,KK4XZ-6
CO5JR N1RCN 05/03 18:03:06z Reply I copy you via ISS
CM5ADR N1RCN 05/02 18:57:23z Reply saludos{01
N1RCN CM5ADR 05/02 18:57:19z Send another hello! nice to see you! 73
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/02 18:55:13z Send another XE3N-1,W4TBD-6,NZ4D-6
XE3N-1 N1RCN 05/02 18:54:47z Reply Helo friend via ISS{07
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 05/01 19:46:32z Send another W4UPD,K5UBQ,K0KOC-7
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/30 19:04:29z Send another NZ4D-6,KC4ZPL-1,W4UPD,K0KOC-7,W4TBD-6
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/30 19:03:14z Send another NZ4D-6,KC4ZPL-1,W4UPD,K0KOC-7
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/29 19:56:01z Send another NZ4D-6,XE3N-1,AG5DL
CO5JR N1RCN 04/29 11:44:08z Reply I copy you via ISS 73 chaoooo
CM8NMN N1RCN 04/28 20:48:04z Reply >FK29bx/- cm8nmn@gmail.com Op: Noel
KC8YJJ-3 N1RCN 04/28 20:47:37z Reply qsl 73!
K0FFY N1RCN 04/28 20:44:47z Reply Hi from IA! QSL? EN31{39
KC8YJJ-3 N1RCN 04/28 12:37:38z Reply QSL, Hello from Toronto! 73
K3RLD-1 N1RCN 04/27 23:36:45z Reply TNX for call. FN20 in PA{35
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/27 23:35:27z Send another K0FFY,K3RLD-1,K0KOC-7
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/27 23:34:43z Send another K0FFY
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/27 11:55:11z Send another W4TBD-6,KB2M-1
K9JKM N1RCN 04/27 00:07:13z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/27 00:06:31z Send another K0KOC-7,NZ4D-6,KE4DV,K9JKM
CO5JR N1RCN 04/26 20:55:40z Reply 73 via ISS of Cardenas Cuba
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/24 22:41:16z Send another hello good to see you
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/24 22:41:08z Reply Hello friend, best 73{26
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/24 22:41:03z Reply QSL via ISS 73{25
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/24 22:40:53z Send another hello
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/24 21:03:39z Send another KC4ZPL-7,KE4DV,CM8NMN
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/24 12:53:25z Send another CM8DAC,CM8CLC,XE3N-1
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/23 13:46:09z Send another W4UPD,K1WY,KB2M-1,W4TBD-6
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/22 22:49:50z Reply Hello via ISS EL60{13
CM8EBM N1RCN 04/22 22:49:17z Reply Hello All. UISS v.5.4.0
CO8SAR N1RCN 04/21 23:42:06z Reply saludos
CO8SAR N1RCN 04/21 23:41:30z Reply cmo8sar@frcuba.cu
N1RCN KB2M-1 04/21 23:41:24z Send another Gotcha! qsl and 73 from n1rcn el87
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/21 23:39:56z Send another W8LR,W4UPD,N0BBD
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/21 13:56:25z Send another CO8SAR,K4AG,K1WY,NZ4D-6
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/21 13:54:43z Send another CO8SAR,K4AG,K1WY
KB1PVH-6 N1RCN 04/19 15:39:49z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
N1RCN KB1PVH-6 04/19 15:39:49z Send another 73 via ISS n1rcn el87
KK4XZ-6 N1RCN 04/19 15:39:35z Reply QSL, KK4XZ@amsat.org 73...
KB1PVH-6 N1RCN 04/19 15:39:26z Reply Hi Fletch
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/19 15:38:57z Send another W5PFG,KD4UYP-9,KK4XZ-6,KC4ZPL-5
W5PFG N1RCN 04/19 15:37:34z Reply I eat beacons for breakfast. Howdy Alan
W5PFG N1RCN 04/19 15:36:55z Reply Howdy! Great to see you again.
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/18 16:29:46z Send another KB6IGK-7,K5UBQ
KB2M-1 N1RCN 04/17 15:48:20z Reply hi fr el99{08
N3FCX N1RCN 04/16 18:41:22z Reply gud to see u on the iss de dan fm29iv
N1RCN AB1OC 04/16 16:39:32z Send another 73 via ISS de n1rcn el 87 n1rcn@amsat.org
XE3N-1 N1RCN 04/15 17:30:34z Reply Hello frien via ISS EL60{82
N1RCN XE3N-1 04/15 15:53:56z Send another 73 via ISS n1rcn el87 n1rcn@amsat.org
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/13 17:38:50z Send another W4TBD-6,K3RRR
N1RCN KI4LAX 04/12 18:31:26z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS n1rcn el87
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/12 18:31:14z Send another KI4LAX
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 04/03 17:41:04z Send another KB6IGK
KK4XZ-6 N1RCN 03/31 22:31:21z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 03/31 17:38:37z Send another W2THC
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 03/30 18:08:44z Send another KK4XZ-6,W2THC
N1RCN W4TYD 03/29 13:18:31z Send another Will try again.TNX, 73
W4TYD N1RCN 03/29 00:01:19z Reply tnx for ISS call, saw it on ariss.net no copy from ISS 73{0H}
N1RCN BLN0QSLs 03/26 20:12:45z Send another K5PAV-7,K4SDL
N1RCN K5PAV-7 03/26 20:12:14z Send another qsl and 73 via no-84
N1RCN BLNQSL1/1 03/19 13:55:50z Send another KK4XZ-6
PSAT N1RCN 03/19 13:55:37z Reply NW^32 NNE LOS 4m35s{OS}