N0RC-9 messages

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N0RC-9 K0WJ-1 07/17 17:44:02z Send another hi{72
N0RC-9 K0RU-9 07/15 21:45:23z Send another good aeternoon {71
WHO-IS N0RC-9 07/08 10:43:41z Reply G/John W Totzke/MO/United States{802
N0RC-9 WHO-IS 07/08 10:43:41z Send another w0jwt{70
KD5DK N0RC-9 06/26 17:12:33z Reply Greetings from Texas
N0RC-9 KC5EZZ 06/25 10:18:28z Send another hi from KCMO{69
KD5DK N0RC-9 06/25 09:48:40z Reply AA:Message Received
N0RC-9 KD5DK 06/25 09:48:09z Send another hi from shawnee ks{68
WHO-IS N0RC-9 06/18 21:54:13z Reply format is an invalid command!{1190
N0RC-9 WHO-IS 06/18 21:54:13z Send another help{67
WHO-IS N0RC-9 06/18 21:44:59z Reply T/JAMES M ZIKES/KS/United States{1189
N0RC-9 WHO-IS 06/18 21:44:59z Send another kc0yqz{66
WHO-IS N0RC-9 06/18 21:40:58z Reply format is an invalid command!{1188
N0RC-9 WHO-IS 06/18 21:40:57z Send another ?{65
N0RC-9 WHOIS 06/18 21:40:01z Send another ?{64
N0RC-9 WA0KS-9 06/13 01:14:38z Send another hi{63
N0RC-9 KF0ED 06/07 21:31:35z Send another good afternoon{62
KF0ED N0RC-9 06/07 10:55:33z Reply AA:Tnx fer connecting. I may respond, if available.
N0RC-9 KF0ED 06/07 10:55:31z Send another have a gud day. i'm qrt.{61
KF0ED N0RC-9 06/07 10:34:22z Reply GM OM{PA}
KF0ED N0RC-9 06/07 10:34:09z Reply I hear u on the Chillicothe DMR repeater.{OZ}
N0RC-9 KF0ED 06/07 10:34:01z Send another hi{60
KF0ED N0RC-9 06/07 10:33:39z Reply test{OY}
W0JRT-9 N0RC-9 06/06 22:07:42z Reply howdy{X
N0RC-9 W0JRT-9 06/06 22:05:12z Send another hi{59
N0RC-9 KC0MIL-9 06/06 22:02:33z Send another hi{58