N0RC messages

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N0RC KD0KZE 07/06 13:58:34z Send another hi from em29
W0WFX-9 N0RC 07/03 15:26:15z Reply rejGD}
N0RC W0WFX-9 07/03 15:26:06z Send another Hello{GD}
WHO-IS N0RC 07/03 15:25:51z Reply E/JEFFREY L MILLER/MO/United States{86}GC
N0RC WHO-IS 07/03 15:25:51z Send another W0WFX{GC}85
WHO-IS N0RC 07/03 13:36:52z Reply E/LON M MARTIN/KS/United States{85}GB
N0RC WHO-IS 07/03 13:36:52z Send another K0WJ{GB}
N0RC K0WJ-1 07/03 13:36:25z Send another Hello!{GA}
N0RC AD0HJ 07/03 01:21:56z Send another How long are you going to be on the grid line?{YR}
K4KDR-6 N0RC 06/22 20:40:24z Reply QSL! 2019 FD: 1D-Virginia