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N0RC W0MAB 02/15 15:13:13z Send another Hi!{DX}
W0MAB N0RC 02/14 23:30:09z Reply saw you{35
W0MAB N0RC 02/14 23:27:37z Reply hey{34
N0RC KF0ED 02/10 00:59:33z Send another ok 73{DW}ZZ
KF0ED N0RC 02/10 00:59:19z Reply im starting a net in 2m{ZZ}DV
N0RC KF0ED 02/10 00:58:55z Send another Just need a satellite pass to test it on{DV}ZY
KF0ED N0RC 02/10 00:58:41z Reply cuul{ZY}DU
N0RC KF0ED 02/10 00:58:17z Send another Good news! Got my UHF and VHF pre-amps on the attic antennas{DU}HB
N0RC AVRS 02/09 18:49:31z Send another KF0ED
N0RC AVRS 02/09 18:48:52z Send another KA2FNK
N0RC KE0YWB-7 02/09 18:47:45z Send another Hello{DS}
N0RC KD0MVQ-9 02/09 18:47:06z Send another Hi{DT}
EMAIL-2 N0RC 02/09 18:43:28z Reply Email sent to reid.crowe@gmail.com{S7}DR
N0RC EMAIL-2 02/09 18:43:27z Send another reid.crowe@gmail.com test message{DR}
N0RC W0MAB 02/08 19:46:46z Send another Hi{DQ}
N0RC W0KCK 02/08 16:56:49z Send another Still showing in Oskaloosa, is that right?{DP}
N0RC W0KCK 02/08 16:55:22z Send another That's awesome, it's been doing that for years!{DO}
N0RC KF0ED 02/08 16:13:57z Send another that's good{DN}HB
KF0ED N0RC 02/07 22:44:57z Reply No drop-outs noted now.{HB}
KF0ED N0RC 02/07 22:44:39z Reply It appears that WA0RE has his hot spot issue corrected!{HA}
N0RC WD0DPB 02/05 01:41:36z Send another Hi{DM}
KF0ED N0RC 02/04 23:11:45z Reply I was listening this aft to the P25 comm setup for the BIG PARADE.{JL}
KF0ED N0RC 02/04 23:10:08z Reply I c u made it home.{JK}
KC6VVT N0RC 02/01 22:02:35z Reply Hello{BS}
KF0ED N0RC 02/01 19:15:13z Reply Strange, as in....warmer than normal temps? hihi{PX}
N0RC KC6VVT 02/01 17:16:16z Send another HI{DL}
N0RC KF0ED-10 02/01 17:15:07z Send another did it work?{DJ}
N0RC KF0ED 02/01 17:13:41z Send another strange{DK}AX
KF0ED N0RC 01/31 23:47:18z Reply Roasted parsnip, Harvard beets, pasta and a burger. (*4-17:46:55){AX}
KF0ED N0RC 01/31 23:47:13z Reply 17:45:59 New Chat Between KF0ED and N0RC-9 on 2020-01-3117:46:23>+{AW}
KF0ED-10 N0RC 01/31 00:47:12z Reply Earlier via RF, I had an 8 hop attempt.{2
N0RC KF0ED-10 01/31 00:46:30z Send another Nice!{DI}
KF0ED-10 N0RC 01/31 00:46:16z Reply APRSDroid and a recliner!{1
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 21:31:53z Send another AA:AFK
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 21:31:22z Reply Always toys to play with!{OE}KP
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 20:14:28z Reply I wud surmise so. {OC}KP
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 20:05:18z Send another price difference comes in.{KP}OB
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 20:05:18z Send another about 100 ms on a real VNA. I guess that's where the $30,000+{KO}OB
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 20:05:17z Send another think it will take about 30 min. The same calibration would take+{KN}OB
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 20:05:16z Send another resolution. I'm calibrating the VNA now using the software, I+{KM}OB
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 20:05:16z Send another There is software for the NanoVNA that gives you better+{KL}OB
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:51:04z Reply gud{OB}KK
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:50:53z Send another i got an object{KK}OA
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:50:01z Reply Does this place the object on ur map? Or is it just text?{OA}KJ
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:48:57z Reply Wilcox 3858.48N 09451.62W actually Thales ATM former site. X
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:43:07z Reply sad{NZ}KJ
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:42:55z Send another who asks for the manager to complain about their service{KJ}NY
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:42:55z Send another That office is known for threatening to call the police on anyone+{KI}NY
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:41:05z Reply That's the current state of the Postal Service.{NY}KH
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:40:44z Send another almost need a rock crawler to get in there{KH}NX
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:40:38z Reply lol{NX}KG
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:40:33z Send another I don't think they've repaved the parking lot since then{KG}NW
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:40:01z Reply And the Monticello PO was just being constructed.{NW}KF
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:39:38z Reply I remember driving dwn ShMsPkwy to wrk, 20+ yrs ago...{NV}KF
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:38:52z Reply The closest one hr is in Kearney, MO. I-35 mm26.{NU}KF
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 19:38:13z Send another It is, we don't go there too often though{KF}NT
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 19:37:45z Reply I c have a Pizza Shoppe in ur neighborhood. Prtty gud!{NT}
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 13:10:51z Reply yep{NQ}GU
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 13:10:22z Send another I'm sure, crews in town have done a good job. Harder out of town{GU}NP
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 13:09:54z Reply I'm monitoring MO state's P25 system. the St. Joe troop has bn bzy.{NP}GT
KF0ED N0RC 01/24 13:09:15z Reply hi hi{NO}GT
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 13:09:08z Send another i guess my estimate was off{GT}
N0RC KF0ED 01/24 13:08:57z Send another My wife says 2 in of snow in Lenexa{GS}
N0RC KC0BS-10 01/18 16:05:27z Send another Hi{GR}
K0ECS N0RC 01/15 23:39:00z Reply test{JN}
N0RC KE0OWX 01/14 13:35:20z Send another Hi{YM}
KE0OWX N0RC 01/11 21:09:01z Reply YES ARE YOU?{1
N0RC KE0OWX 01/09 13:16:25z Send another You there?{RS}
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:37:19z Send another 73{SG}RY
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:37:03z Reply rgr 73{RY}SF
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:36:57z Send another have a good night{SF}RX
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:36:55z Send another need to go get ready for tomrrow{SE}RX
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:36:16z Send another Maybe KE0YWB could fix that if he gets into aprs{SD}RX
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:35:25z Reply Just can't place objects with 'Droid.{RX}SC
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:34:43z Send another Tablet with APRSDroid seems to be the way to go nowadays{SC}RW
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:34:03z Reply also if one wants the AvMap. Now, those r pricey.{RW}SB
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:33:23z Send another true, but I've not needed a full tnc for a while{SB}RV
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:33:00z Reply The 710's r great because of the full TNC.{RV}SA
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:32:28z Reply lol{RU}SA
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:32:21z Send another everyone is selling their 710 for those{SA}RT
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:32:08z Send another those are still pricey on the 2nd hand market{RZ}RT
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:31:40z Reply Fusiion{RT}RY
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 02:31:39z Reply Too bad his vehicle isn't running an FTM-400XDR cud get him on+{RS}RY
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:31:05z Send another KE0YWB{RY}RQ
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:30:58z Send another he's borrowing my dmr ht{RX}RQ
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:30:51z Send another KE0YWB is another new ham i work with{RW}RQ
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 02:30:35z Send another yup{RV}RQ
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 01:48:27z Reply KYLE J GROSS9801 E 219TH CIRCLEPECULIAR, MO 64078{RQ}RU
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 01:48:07z Reply Cass Co.-Peculiar.{RP}RU
KF0ED N0RC 01/09 01:46:14z Reply cpy that. where's he from? JoCoKS?{RO}RU
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 01:18:38z Send another APRS installed{RU}
N0RC KF0ED 01/09 01:18:37z Send another Watch for KE0OWX. Hes a newer ham that i work with. He just got+{RT}
N0RC KE0YWB-10 01/08 02:45:33z Send another Hello{RP}
N0RC WA0SLL-5 01/02 14:50:15z Send another Hello{RO}
KF0ED N0RC 12/31 16:19:22z Reply AA:Tnx fer connecting. I may respond, if available.
N0RC KF0ED 12/31 16:18:51z Send another I'm off until the 6th. {RN}
KF0ED N0RC 12/20 21:21:54z Reply hello{QF}
KF0ED N0RC 12/20 00:52:32z Reply 73{AX}EI
N0RC KF0ED 12/20 00:51:18z Send another g2g{EI}AW
N0RC KF0ED 12/20 00:51:13z Send another ya idk what was going on{EH}AW