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EA3HAH M0NPT 11/02 12:10:42z Reply 73 are you JW?
F5BQV M0NPT 11/02 07:09:07z Reply Hello and 73's from Pierre IN87SN
2W0SEU-7 M0NPT 10/29 13:01:32z Reply Thank you for the contact{67
OZ1MAS M0NPT 10/27 10:56:00z Reply Hi from Jorgen jo54wx denmark
G4VXE M0NPT 10/27 10:45:34z Reply hi{26
M0NPT F4GVO 10/27 09:09:30z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
F4GVO M0NPT 10/27 09:09:20z Reply Hello Jari, you are 599 in JN38JK
M0NPT SV2CPH-1 10/26 13:16:46z Send another 599 IO92KX TNX 73 DE M0NPT
M0NPT 2W0SEU-7 10/26 13:16:12z Send another tnx
2W0SEU-7 M0NPT 10/26 13:14:41z Reply Good afternoon, 73s de Malc{66
F4GVO M0NPT 10/26 11:38:56z Reply Hello my friend, you are 599 in JN38JK
M0NPT MX0MXO 10/26 11:37:54z Send another De M0NPT IO92Kx qsl?
M1BEY M0NPT 10/24 20:06:23z Reply m1bey homem1bey homem1bey homem1bey homem1bey homem1bey{04
M0NPT M1BEY 10/24 20:03:23z Send another Thx Rob 73 from Abdel IO92Kx M0NPT
M0NPT NWS 10/24 19:33:01z Send another Hello All. UISS v.5.4.1