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AG4ZL-7 KW4XR 05/22 03:56:53z Reply hey{01
KN4FQW-9 KW4XR 03/18 13:44:37z Reply thanks{4
KW4XR KN4FQW-9 03/18 13:44:28z Send another be right there.{3
KN4FQW-9 KW4XR 03/18 13:44:04z Reply I need you please{3
KN4FQW-9 KW4XR 03/18 13:43:50z Reply do whatever you need to do. i love you{2
KN4FQW-9 KW4XR 03/18 13:43:24z Reply Good morning Baby. I have a lot of house work to do. So you can d{1
KW4XR KN4FQW-9 03/18 13:41:15z Send another and screen.{2
KW4XR KN4FQW-9 03/18 13:41:07z Send another Good morning. What are we doing today? I need to fix the projector {1