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AE7ZE-1 KS9O 11/18 15:28:51z Reply 73's - PUYALLUP CN87te{37
WA7NWP-4 KS9O 11/18 07:23:24z Reply rej25
KS9O CQ 11/18 07:23:21z Send another 73 from seattle CN87{25
KS9O VE7FED-12 11/18 07:21:44z Send another 73 DE KS9O{26
KS9O W0JW-6 11/18 05:46:43z Send another 73 DE KS9O{24
W0JW-6 KS9O 11/18 05:46:41z Reply UR 599 EN31BE IOWA
KS9O WA7VFQ-7 11/18 05:44:38z Send another 73 DE KS9O{23
KS9O WA7VFQ-7 11/18 05:44:05z Send another 73 DE KS9O{22
KS9O CQ 11/18 05:42:34z Send another 73 from seattle CN87
KS9O WD9EWK 11/18 04:11:17z Send another 73 de ks9o
KS9O WD9EWK 11/18 04:11:16z Send another 73 de ks9o{20
WD9EWK KS9O 11/18 04:07:34z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ {4
WA7JNJ KS9O 11/17 06:51:57z Reply 73 from Maryville CN88{01
WA7JNJ KS9O 11/17 06:48:03z Reply 73 from Maryville CN88
KS9O CQ 11/17 06:38:58z Send another 73 from seattle CN87{18
KS9O N7FJC 11/17 06:37:25z Send another 73 DE KS9O{16
KS9O N7FJC 11/17 06:36:09z Send another 73 DE KS9O{17
AE7ZE-1 KS9O 11/12 18:59:50z Reply 73's - PUYALLUP{36
KS9O KI7UNJ-9 11/12 18:56:28z Send another 73
KS9O KI7UNJ-9 11/12 18:56:27z Send another 73{14
KS9O CQ 11/12 18:53:27z Send another 73 from seattle
KS9O CQ 11/12 18:53:26z Send another 73 from seattle{13
KS9O RS0ISS 11/12 07:45:29z Send another hello from seattle{2
KM6UVP-7 KS9O 11/12 07:43:16z Reply Hi from Bill de CN80 in CA{0
KK6QMS KS9O 11/10 07:51:13z Reply Greetings from Venice Beach , CA!
VE7JMN-1 KS9O 11/06 14:35:48z Reply QSL{40
WA7NWP-4 KS9O 11/06 14:34:32z Reply rej12
KI7UXT-7 KS9O 11/06 14:33:29z Reply TNX for call. QSL?{0
KI7UXT-7 KS9O 11/05 15:40:58z Reply TNX for call. DN17{4
KM6LYW KS9O 11/05 15:27:39z Reply 73 from sacramento to you{07
KI7UXT-7 KS9O 11/05 15:26:20z Reply QSL/TNX/73{3
KI7UXT-7 KS9O 11/05 15:26:16z Reply QSL/TNX/73{1
KS9O CQ 11/05 15:25:58z Send another 73 from seattle{12
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/04 22:53:05z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{19
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/04 22:53:00z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{17
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/04 22:52:15z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{18
K7TAB KS9O 11/04 21:18:12z Reply Hi de Chris DM43 {0
WD9EWK KS9O 11/04 16:20:09z Reply dm43{F
KI7UNJ KS9O 11/04 16:18:19z Reply THX QSL KI7UNJ{69
KS9O VE7JMN-1 11/04 16:17:45z Send another 73 DE KS9O{10
KI7UNJ KS9O 11/04 16:17:08z Reply HELLO FROM CN94{68
AE7ZE-1 KS9O 11/03 17:36:59z Reply 73's - PUYALLUP{33
KB7DZR-15 KS9O 11/03 17:18:32z Reply Hi de Joseph OR{NB}
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/03 17:12:52z Reply Hi from DM04,QSL?{94
K7TAB KS9O 11/03 17:12:41z Reply Hi de Chris DM43 {1
WD9EWK KS9O 11/03 17:11:42z Reply Hi! DM43 in AZ{0
VE7JMN-1 KS9O 11/03 17:11:33z Reply QSL{35
VE7JMN-1 KS9O 11/03 17:10:50z Reply AA:HI de JIM CO90ol 73's
KS9O VE7JMN-1 11/03 17:10:47z Send another 73{8
KS9O CQ 11/03 17:10:16z Send another Hello from Seattle! de ks9o cn87{6
KS9O WB7VUF-7 11/03 17:10:04z Send another 73{7
WB7VUF-7 KS9O 11/03 17:09:44z Reply :73 WB7VUF So.Or.{5
WB7VUF-7 KS9O 11/03 17:09:41z Reply :HI Live WB7VUF So.Or.CN82{4
WA7NWP-4 KS9O 11/03 17:08:42z Reply rej6
KE4AZZ KS9O 11/03 15:37:35z Reply de ke4azz el87{BK}
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/03 15:27:32z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{85
KK6OTJ KS9O 11/03 15:26:26z Reply QSL, Thanks & 73!{84
KF4ULD KS9O 10/27 20:38:57z Reply Hello, I'm on 1200/145.825 listening for the ISS{AW}
KS9O KI7UXT-7 10/27 20:23:10z Send another i somehow just managed to hit psat with an aprs becon. no luck iss{5
KI7UXT-7 KS9O 10/27 20:20:31z Reply TNX for call. DN17{54
KF4ULD KS9O 10/27 19:34:11z Reply AA:I am away from my station, but will answer soon.
KS9O KF4ULD 10/27 19:32:03z Send another 73 de ks9o{4
ISS KS9O 09/29 16:44:42z Reply AOS 6h32m (2316z) SE^4{BO}
KS9O ISS 09/29 16:44:42z Send another j{1
ISS KS9O 09/29 03:17:49z Reply AOS 50s W N^47 E 11m{BN}
ISS KS9O 09/29 02:58:00z Reply AOS 20m39s W N^47 E 11m{BM}
ISS KS9O 09/29 02:56:21z Reply AOS 22m18s W N^47 E 11m{BL}
KS9O KG6JLE 09/24 04:38:57z Send another Just saw your iss message in seattle.73{3
ISS KS9O 09/24 04:23:15z Reply AOS 1m34s W N^77 NE 11m{ZX}
KS9O KX3O 09/24 03:05:12z Send another test{98
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:26:49z Reply Tacoma WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OH
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:25:48z Reply Tacoma WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OG
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:24:46z Reply Tacoma WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OF
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:23:45z Reply Tacoma WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OE
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:22:45z Reply Tacoma WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OD
KS9O WXBOT 09/23 19:22:43z Send another tacoma,wa{0
WXBOT KS9O 09/23 19:21:55z Reply Lake Forest Park WA. This Afternoon,Partly Sunny High 64{OC
KS9O WXBOT 09/23 19:21:47z Send another tacoma{99
KS9O KX3O 09/23 03:44:50z Send another @number message{97
KS9O KX3O 09/23 03:44:41z Send another just got a delivery of 455khz resonators from thailand{94
KS9O KX3O 09/23 03:42:55z Send another for smsgte you send a message to smsgte. message starts with @numbr{96
KS9O KX3O 09/23 03:38:43z Send another yo sorry. went upstairs for a bit{95
KX3O KS9O 09/23 02:18:38z Reply how do i use sms gateway over aprs?{2
KX3O KS9O 09/23 02:02:48z Reply no svc. cant check{1
KX3O KS9O 09/23 02:01:41z Reply back at camp. rain and winds now. what is wx forecast for my qth?{0
KX3O KS9O 09/22 22:26:40z Reply its a small western version of leavenworth{3
KS9O KX3O 09/22 21:46:33z Send another ive not been there{93
KX3O KS9O 09/22 21:44:13z Reply aprs... when all else fails... sometimes{2
KX3O KS9O 09/22 21:43:00z Reply yeah. have you been before?{1
KS9O KX3O 09/22 21:41:48z Send another is town cool?{92
KX3O KS9O 09/22 21:40:43z Reply yuck. there is service in town luckily. too bad no dstar.{0
WXBOT KS9O 09/22 20:01:25z Reply Lake Forest Park WA. This Afternoon,Showers Likely 60% High 65{MT
KS9O WXBOT 09/22 20:01:18z Send another 98155{91
KS9O KX3O 09/22 20:00:35z Send another cold windy rain here{90
KX3O KS9O 09/22 19:59:33z Reply lots of sunshine{1
KS9O KX3O 09/22 19:58:00z Send another sounds amazing!{89
KX3O KS9O 09/22 19:56:56z Reply no kx3 just magmount and d74. going into winthrop now{0
KS9O KX3O 09/22 19:55:16z Send another did you bring an antenna or the kx3?{88
KX3O KS9O 09/22 19:53:35z Reply yes! have a really nice spot on the lake{0
KS9O KX3O 09/22 18:51:39z Send another is it pretty there?{87