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SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/31 23:35:21z Reply @love How's your boys trip{M2382
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/27 05:05:11z Reply Email sent to{1113
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/27 05:05:11z Send another love death valley life is good{48
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/27 05:05:09z Send another @love nerd alertsatelitte {47
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/27 05:05:09z Reply Email sent to{1112
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/27 05:05:09z Send another love death valley life is good{46
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/26 18:36:13z Reply Email sent to{1111
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/26 18:33:19z Send another @me satelitte life is good{38
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/26 18:33:13z Send another love a msg frm iss{36
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/23 17:18:40z Reply @ME T{M1713
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/23 17:13:57z Reply @9253898128 Hello hello Trailhawk guy{M1712
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/23 17:07:25z Send another @9253898128 life is good{18
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/22 02:55:27z Send another @me life is good{17
KN6GTZ-9 KN6GTZ-9 01/21 21:39:26z Send another life is good need help{16
KN6GTZ-9 DOQRZ 01/21 19:49:29z Send another KB7DZR{15
KN6GTZ-9 KN6GTZ-9 01/21 19:34:11z Send another ?APRSS
KN6GTZ-9 KN6GTZ-9 01/21 19:29:41z Send another life is good{14
KN6GTZ-9 KN6GTZ-9 01/21 19:26:10z Send another ?APRSP
KN6GTZ-9 WA6LE-9 01/20 21:01:40z Send another ?APRSP hello what sota freq will you be on tks
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/20 19:42:18z Reply @ME reply with at{M1550
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/20 19:41:49z Reply @ME Reply no at{M1551
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/20 02:05:57z Reply @love Nerd girl reply{M1519
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:54:40z Reply @ME Got it on the phone{M1518
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/20 01:46:26z Send another @love nerd alert{13
SMSGTE KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:43:54z Reply Aliases: me 1 love{C1516
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/20 01:43:54z Send another #alias list{12
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:38:48z Reply Email sent to{412
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/20 01:38:48z Send another love a msg frm the nerd{11
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:37:22z Reply love added.{411
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/20 01:37:22z Send another love{10
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:30:12z Reply Email sent to{410
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/20 01:30:11z Send another me a test{09
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:24:42z Reply Email sent to{409
KN6GTZ-9 EMAIL-2 01/20 01:24:42z Send another me ail5:20{08
EMAIL-2 KN6GTZ-9 01/20 01:22:52z Reply me bla bla{408
KN6GTZ-9 SMSGTE 01/20 01:21:21z Send another @ME Hello back hello world 5:20{07