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KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 21:38:41z Send another -dl mapme{02
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/22 21:35:04z Send another -dl mapme{01
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 21:56:17z Send another -al mapme{99
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 21:55:37z Send another -jl mapme{98
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 21:17:47z Send another -wb mapme{97
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 21:03:02z Send another -tp mapme{95
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 19:20:09z Send another -dl mapme{92
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/20 19:19:50z Send another -jl mapme{91
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/20 01:44:03z Reply -wb You guys on your way?{5
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/19 21:49:22z Reply Chicago is way worse.{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 21:46:48z Send another cool! ord is hot{90
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/19 21:45:42z Reply It's like CA hot outside here, not muggy at {3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 21:43:16z Send another -jl mapme{89
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 21:42:48z Send another confirmed!{88
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/19 21:40:12z Reply Jodi should be landing{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 20:49:55z Send another -wb elfup!{87
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/19 20:46:06z Reply -wb Mep{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 20:46:06z Send another -wb mapme{86
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 20:44:12z Send another -wb radio check{85
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/19 13:30:34z Reply -jl Yay...did Amanda get her drink?{13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/19 13:29:09z Send another -jl at gate!{84
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/17 17:44:37z Reply 79F(92F/66F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{12
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/17 17:42:43z Reply 79F(92F/66F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{11
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/17 17:42:00z Reply 79F(92F/66F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{10
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/17 17:41:59z Send another weather{82
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/17 16:31:40z Reply -jl Yay{9
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/17 16:29:10z Send another -jl passed smog!{83
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 17:18:22z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA 0' 38.91183,-120.93467 0.0h ago{8
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/13 17:18:21z Send another locate{13
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 16:53:46z Reply 83F(95F/64F) Sunny. Tonight, Clear.{7
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 16:24:44z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA 1784' 38.91167,-120.93483 0.5h ago{6
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 16:23:48z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA 1784' 38.91167,-120.93483 0.5h ago{5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/13 16:23:46z Send another locate{40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 16:22:59z Reply -jl * Tee hee{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/13 16:00:05z Send another -jl tee hee to you too!{38
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 15:57:07z Reply -jl Tee hee{3
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 15:46:57z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA 0' 38.91183,-120.93467 14.0h ago{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/13 15:46:55z Send another locate{37
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/13 15:18:16z Send another -jl hey baby! huh huh uh.. <3{35
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/13 15:12:52z Reply 66F(95F/64F) Sunny. Tonight, Clear.{1
WXBOT KM6LYW 07/13 15:09:01z Reply 5 Miles E Auburn CA. Today,Hot High 96{JP
KM6LYW WXBOT 07/13 15:08:55z Send another 95614{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 23:45:31z Send another -al mapme{82
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 17:14:49z Reply Pong! 10:14:49{3
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 17:06:49z Reply Pong! 10:06:48{2
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 16:59:48z Reply Pong! 09:59:48{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 16:59:48z Send another ping{34
KM6LYW-2 KM6LYW 07/12 15:22:58z Reply testing 123{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 01:20:19z Send another -cl using pi in winlink mode over kiss tcp{33
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 00:49:39z Send another -cl test email via aprsdroid{32
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 00:25:03z Reply 93F(63F/94F) Clear. Friday, Sunny.{5
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 00:24:01z Reply 93F(63F/94F) Clear. Friday, Sunny.{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 00:24:00z Send another weather{31
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/12 00:06:03z Reply 8 Miles E Auburn CA 0' 38.91183,-120.93467 4.0h ago{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 00:06:00z Send another locate{30
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/12 00:04:45z Send another -al yay, chokes!!{29
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/11 22:46:36z Reply Pong! 15:46:36{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/11 22:46:36z Send another ping{25
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 22:04:31z Reply Pong! 15:04:30{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/10 22:04:30z Send another ping{12
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/10 21:16:56z Send another weath{11
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:56:50z Reply 85F(87F/61F) Sunny. Tonight, Clear.{59
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/10 20:56:28z Send another ping{10
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:52:27z Reply 85F(87F/61F) Sunny. Tonight, Clear.{58
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:48:00z Reply 85F(87F/61F) Sunny. Tonight, Clear.{57
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:38:08z Reply Pong! 13:38:07{56
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:37:03z Reply Pong! 13:37:03{55
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/10 20:36:00z Reply Pong! 13:36:00{54
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/10 20:35:59z Send another ping{08
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 23:02:36z Reply -jl :-) TY{53
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 22:59:39z Send another -jl k np{81
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 22:40:36z Reply -jl Since you'll be there... Maybe some wine please?{52
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 22:07:58z Send another -jl cbw then bretts{80
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 22:01:11z Reply -jl Sweet{51
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 21:53:39z Send another -jl truck{79
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 19:19:51z Reply -jl See your walking guy headed back!{50
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 19:17:15z Send another -jl mapme{81
KM6LYW N6YBH-7 07/07 18:46:01z Send another -jl mapme{80
KM6LYW N6YBH-7 07/07 17:05:09z Send another leaving rockbound{79
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 14:20:04z Reply -jl Coffee n weedin{49
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 14:07:37z Send another -jl K- ya cloudy too. fishin n coffay!{78
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 13:57:09z Reply -jl Didn't really cool down here.60@6{48
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 13:55:19z Reply -jl Oooo..brrrr..and I'm not there to snuggle:({47
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 13:32:32z Send another -jl bit cold- 40s <3{77
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 13:14:28z Reply 56F(66F/46F) Mostly Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{46
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 13:13:42z Reply 56F(66F/46F) Mostly Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{45
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 13:13:41z Send another weather{76
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 05:12:49z Reply -jl Nighty night. Sweet dreams!{44
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 05:11:10z Send another -jl chilly but snug- nite! <3{75
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 03:52:09z Reply -jl Stay warm <3 no bugs tonight!{43
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 03:50:46z Send another -jl Love you too! sleep tight!{74
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 03:48:29z Reply -jl Love you!{42
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 03:47:12z Send another -jl no fish- gonna bag it in a bit <3{73
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 02:15:42z Reply 71F(49F/66F) Partly Cloudy. Sunday, Mostly Sunny.{41
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 02:15:39z Send another weather{72
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 02:05:48z Send another -jl ok - gruvey{71
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 02:02:08z Reply -jl Change of plan...Zack made it to Chico...get her Monday{40
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 02:00:25z Send another -jl we stink! still fishin. u home w/ girl?{70
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 07/07 01:55:43z Reply -jl Glad u have spray...bummer on the fish:-({39
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 07/07 01:53:57z Send another -jl no fish- lots mosquito{69