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KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/19 22:57:55z Reply -jl Hi{8
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/19 22:18:24z Send another -jl hi!{68
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/19 02:19:06z Reply -jl * Kmee deep😀{7
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/19 02:19:04z Send another -1{91
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 23:23:25z Reply -jl * Kmee deep😀{6
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 23:23:24z Send another -1{65
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 23:18:31z Send another -jl Kmee deep - now?{64
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 23:15:10z Reply -jl Kmee deep😀{5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 22:32:47z Send another -jl gruvy - im still in auburn{63
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 22:26:36z Reply -jl Shoppin{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 21:58:35z Send another -jl make it?{62
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 00:46:46z Reply -jl Me Too!{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 00:39:07z Send another -jl K cold! headhng home{61
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 00:37:32z Reply -jl O man I wanna walk with you! Guess I'm too late though!{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 00:28:37z Send another -jl walkin{60
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/18 00:19:28z Reply 48F(32F/53F) Cloudy. Saturday, Partly Sunny.{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/18 00:19:24z Send another weather{59
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/15 18:58:39z Reply I'll burn my books.
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/15 18:57:05z Send another fortune{58
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/15 18:43:11z Reply It's around Twenty to Eleven (10:41PDT) (time){2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/15 18:41:38z Send another time{57
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/15 18:13:07z Reply 37F(49F/37F) Mostly Cloudy. Tonight, Mostly Cloudy then Rain.{1
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/14 19:29:35z Reply It's almost Half past Eleven (11:29PDT) (time){23
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/14 19:29:34z Send another time{55
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/14 19:04:20z Reply 43F(48F/33F) Scattered Showers. Tonight, Partly Cloudy.{22
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/14 19:04:18z Send another weather{54
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:52:18z Reply -jl It's gonna be cold by the time we get home{21
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:50:53z Reply -jl In-and-out in Citrus Heights?{20
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 23:49:20z Send another -jl mapme{89
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:38:57z Reply -jl Oh..guess I should head home....{19
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 23:38:43z Send another -jl got it!{88
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 23:36:21z Send another -jl in n out acquired!{87
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:35:18z Reply -jl Oh ya!{18
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:35:18z Reply -jl Is it too late{17
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:27:08z Reply No new msg 15:27:08{16
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:25:01z Reply No new msg 15:25:00{15
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:22:52z Reply No new msg 15:22:52{14
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 23:19:22z Reply No new msg 15:19:22{13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 23:19:21z Send another -1{86
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 23:13:50z Send another -jl in n out?{85
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 21:02:51z Reply 47F(49F/38F) Chance Rain. Tonight, Rain.{11
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 21:02:09z Reply 47F(49F/38F) Chance Rain. Tonight, Rain.{12
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/13 21:02:07z Send another weather{53
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/13 02:55:57z Reply * unreadable msg received{10
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/12 18:10:53z Send another -jl mapme{84
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/12 18:08:48z Reply -jl Luv u check{9
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/12 17:51:29z Send another -jl Check qua?{83
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/12 17:50:28z Reply -jl Check trois!{8
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/12 17:47:56z Send another -jl Check <3 deaux!{82
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/12 17:46:47z Reply -jl Check <3{7
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/12 17:45:09z Send another -jl radio check!{81
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/12 15:44:44z Reply 32F(48F/42F) Slight Chance Showers. Tonight, Showers Likely.{6
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/12 15:43:07z Send another wet{52
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/11 18:25:07z Reply -jl Cool{5
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/11 18:18:56z Send another -jl campground hike{51
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/11 00:13:19z Reply -jl Yay!{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/11 00:11:47z Send another -jl works! <3{50
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/10 20:49:06z Reply No new msg 12:47:32{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/10 20:47:31z Send another -1{49
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/10 20:00:30z Reply No new msg 11:58:56{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/10 19:58:55z Send another -1{80
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/10 18:22:46z Reply 35F(52F/37F) Mostly Sunny. Tonight, Rain Likely.{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/10 18:21:07z Send another weat{79
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/09 23:01:49z Reply It's around Three (15:01PDT) (time){13
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/09 23:01:49z Send another time{47
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/09 22:37:51z Reply 48F(49F/32F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{12
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/09 18:41:28z Reply It's around Twenty to Eleven (10:41PDT) (time){11
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/09 18:41:28z Send another time{45
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/09 18:23:59z Reply 42F(49F/32F) Isolated Showers. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{10
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/09 18:22:22z Send another weat{44
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/09 00:07:16z Send another -jl K{43
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/09 00:06:23z Reply -jl Headed home with Nadia's meals😁{9
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/08 23:44:56z Send another -jl at holiday. needs?{78
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/08 21:58:10z Reply 50F(50F/36F) Slight Chance Rain. Tonight, Chance Rain then Rain.{8
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/08 21:56:34z Send another weat{42
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/07 19:05:04z Reply KM6LYW: 12 Miles ESE Meadow Vista CA 2683' 38.90617,-120.83900 0.0h{7
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/07 19:05:03z Send another loc{77
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/07 19:04:57z Reply 51F(56F/39F) Chance Showers. Tonight, Showers Likely.{6
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/07 19:04:56z Send another weather{76
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/07 19:03:14z Reply 51F(56F/40F) Chance Showers. Tonight, Showers Likely.{5
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/06 21:50:36z Reply 54F(56F/35F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{4
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/06 21:50:35z Send another weat{41
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/06 21:48:37z Reply 54F(56F/35F) Sunny. Tonight, Mostly Clear.{3
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/06 21:48:35z Send another weat{40
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/05 23:27:55z Reply 55F(37F/56F) Mostly Clear. Monday, Sunny.{2
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/05 23:27:51z Send another weather{56
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/04 01:34:36z Reply 55F(44F/57F) Partly Cloudy then Chance Showers. Saturday, Chance Sh{1
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/04 01:34:33z Send another weat{39
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/03 01:10:50z Send another -jl hey lady paid{55
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/03 00:47:29z Reply -jl Do you have a particular kind that you want? I was thinking eit{24
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/03 00:47:28z Reply -jl We are planning on picking up sushi for dinner tonight{23
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/03 00:42:53z Reply -jl There is a check on the counter for her the amount just needs t{22
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/03 00:39:28z Send another -jl hey lady here{54
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/02 20:39:18z Send another -wb2 oh ya- got tickts then?{38
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/02 20:35:22z Reply -wb2 Kids fly home sat 7am{21
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/02 20:34:27z Reply -wb2 Yup{20
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/02 20:33:43z Send another -wb2 Jan 6 - still chillaxin then{37
KM6LYW KM6LYW-9 01/02 20:31:45z Send another -jl top of hill- all good{36
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/02 20:31:19z Reply -wb2 Jan 6{19
KM6LYW-9 KM6LYW 01/02 20:31:13z Reply No new msg 12:29:40{18