KI5CHE-7 messages

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EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 03/08 15:32:21z Reply Email sent to{1077
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/08 15:31:39z Send another imagine kittens in spacesuits{1
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/08 15:29:21z Send another Get well soon, love from 200 miles up!{1
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 03/06 01:52:44z Reply Email sent to{45
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/06 01:52:44z Send another love from space!{2
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 03/06 01:51:54z Reply Email sent to{44
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/06 01:49:54z Send another Got it!{1
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 03/06 00:14:12z Reply Email sent to{43
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/06 00:13:09z Send another An email from space!!{1
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 03/04 01:40:52z Reply Email sent to{792
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 03/04 01:40:51z Send another I love you to space and back.{1
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 02/23 04:55:31z Reply Email sent to{356
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 02/23 04:55:31z Send another Love from space.{1
SMSGTE KI5CHE-7 02/23 02:17:20z Reply @6822297313 Pea{M6632
SMSGTE KI5CHE-7 02/23 02:14:40z Reply @6822297313 Pea{M6631
KI5CHE-7 SMSGTE 02/23 02:10:03z Send another @6822297313 ruv pea{1
SMSGTE KI5CHE-7 02/22 23:14:40z Reply @6822297313 Peas{M6622
SMSGTE KI5CHE-7 02/22 23:12:06z Reply @6822297313 Bear{M6621
KI5CHE-7 SMSGTE 02/22 23:07:31z Send another @6822297313{1
KI5CHE-7 SMSGTE 02/22 23:07:11z Send another @6822297313 radio text test bears{2
KI5CHE-7 SMSGATE 02/22 23:02:52z Send another @6826226476 test{2
KI5CHE-7 SMSGATE 02/22 23:01:39z Send another @6822297313 text over radio Bears{1
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 02/21 02:13:46z Reply Email sent to{566
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 02/21 02:13:46z Send another Email function working. Not on sats{6
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 02/21 02:09:11z Reply Email sent to{565
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 02/21 02:09:10z Send another I say what I want!{5
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 02/21 02:04:16z Reply Email sent to{564
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 02/21 02:04:16z Send another I just sent you an email over the radio.{4
EMAIL-2 KI5CHE-7 02/21 02:04:01z Reply Email sent to{563
KI5CHE-7 EMAIL-2 02/21 02:03:01z Send another radio test{1