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KE0KHA-7 KF5SMH-1 08/16 19:55:14z Reply Thank you for the reply,73
KE0KHA-7 KF5SMH-1 08/16 19:31:24z Reply hi al from dave{1
KF5SMH-1 K5WLD 08/16 17:52:34z Send another HELLO FROM AZTEC NM DM66
KB7PXR-9 KF5SMH-1 08/12 21:05:54z Reply ...got all the messages thanks i can hear thunder naaaa ;){07
KB7PXR-9 KF5SMH-1 08/12 20:42:57z Reply iw0{06
KF5SMH-1 KB7PXR-9 08/12 19:47:02z Send another LIGHTNING IN DOVE CREEK
KF5SMH-1 KB7PXR-9 08/12 19:08:08z Send another LIGHTNING COMING FROM WEST
KB7PXR-9 KF5SMH-1 08/12 18:50:17z Reply whatsw0{05
KF5SMH-1 KB7PXR-9 08/12 16:44:56z Send another YOU KICKED IN NOW
KF5SMH-1 KF5SMH-1 07/29 22:46:09z Send another MCKINLEY CTY, F F WATCH TILL 1830
KF5SMH-1 KF5SMH-1 07/29 22:45:35z Send another MCKINLEY CTY, F F WATCH TILL 1830
KF5SMH-1 Heard 07/22 21:15:49z Send another LUERA,LAMOSC,WJ5I-9,K5DEZ-1,SUNLGT,HAYDN,GREENS,WA5SJW-9,
KF5SMH-1 Heard 07/22 21:15:47z Send another WX5AB-9,KC5EVE-14,KE0KWH,KC5EVE-15,PARRTT,SANDIA,EGLPAS,
KF5SMH-1 Heard 07/22 21:15:46z Send another K7QEQ-1,KG7CES,PURG,DURNGO,K0OTZ-2,KENDAL,KG7KID-3,HARRIS,