KE7KUS-9 messages

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KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 08/20 19:55:32z Send another So formal!{72
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 07/19 19:27:19z Send another Love you!{69
KE7KUS-9 WD4FMO-8 07/11 20:36:44z Send another Getting some rain out here. Wasnt sure what it was at first!{68
WD4FMO-8 KE7KUS-9 07/04 13:25:19z Reply I hope today is a holiday for you.{09}66
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 07/03 21:27:44z Send another Hey!{67
KE7KUS-9 WD4FMO-8 07/03 20:12:32z Send another Funny...about to drive by Trinity Site just now{66
KE7KUS-9 KG7FDW 07/02 21:33:56z Send another Msg rx'd in Albuquerque, NM. Good afternoon and 73.{65
KG7FDW KE7KUS-9 07/02 15:01:13z Reply looking for 1st pkt email QSO... will send responses a Paper QSL card
KG7FDW KE7KUS-9 07/02 14:23:41z Reply Happy Trails from San Tan Valley AZ
WD4FMO-8 KE7KUS-9 07/01 11:20:24z Reply plugged in again{05}
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 06/18 19:19:54z Send another Hi honey...and Kris...and Bev!{64