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KE7KUS-9 WD4FMO-8 05/22 01:59:54z Send another Make it to Kingman yet?{50
K5TMK-9 KE7KUS-9 05/15 20:48:56z Reply love you more!{11
K5TMK-9 KE7KUS-9 05/15 01:51:28z Reply hello{10
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 05/14 23:07:41z Send another Hi!{48
SMSGTE KE7KUS-9 05/09 01:36:42z Reply The alias rk and SSID RK now represent 5404251156{C912
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/09 01:36:41z Send another #alias add rk 5404251156 RK{47
SMSGTE KE7KUS-9 05/09 01:29:54z Reply Aliases: tk aak amk kk rk{C911
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/09 01:29:54z Send another #alias list{46
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 05/08 20:53:18z Send another change to CAR2CAR?{45
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 20:48:59z Reply You mean GC dinner?{M896
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 20:48:37z Reply Wine group?{M895
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/08 20:48:08z Send another @tk Im good-thx. Gonna run then go do yardwork.No wine grp tonite?{44
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/08 20:48:08z Send another @tk Im good-thx. Gonna run then go do yardwork.No wine grp tonite?{4
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 17:19:00z Reply I am in town if you need your phone{M891
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 14:17:04z Reply I already found it{M886
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 14:15:24z Reply Ok{M885
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 14:15:14z Reply Never mind{M884
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 05/08 14:14:44z Reply Yes! Where is it?{M883
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/08 14:11:33z Send another @tk Probably bedroom/bath{43
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/08 14:10:09z Send another @tk Will be on radio if you need anything.{42
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 05/08 14:08:40z Send another @tk Left my phone. Can u take it with u when u come down?{41
KE7KUS-9 K5TMK-9 04/26 01:28:03z Send another Whoah! Her radio turns on!{39
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:33:51z Send another Alamo Grill on North White Sands next to Natures Pantry{38
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:29:09z Send another You bet...let me find out where/when.{37
KG5VIN-9 KE7KUS-9 04/26 00:27:40z Reply Can I join yall?{11
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:25:03z Send another Whatever Mrs Teena says? Hi hi...{36
KG5VIN-9 KE7KUS-9 04/26 00:23:43z Reply what is for supper?{10
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:20:39z Send another If you are down before Sun grab it or I will leave it in truck Sun.{
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:20:36z Send another If you are down before Sun grab it or I will leave it in truck Sun.{35
KE7KUS-9 KG5VIN-9 04/26 00:19:04z Send another No one at home. I'll leave it out tonight.{34
SMSGTE-TK KE7KUS-9 04/25 22:49:54z Reply K{M188
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 04/25 22:49:29z Send another @tk I am swimmimg...will get Kris at 7:30pm{33
SMSGTE KE7KUS-9 04/25 22:48:06z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E187
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE 04/25 22:48:06z Send another I am swimming...will get Kris at 7:30pm{32
KG5VIN-9 KE7KUS-9 04/25 21:42:58z Reply call me{09
KE7KUS-9 K5WAY-9 04/18 15:55:36z Send another good morning!{31
KE7KUS-9 SMSGTE-TK 04/09 01:31:49z Send another Love you!{38
CQSRVR KE7KUS-9 04/02 01:31:25z Reply No text in message.{855
KE7KUS-9 CQSRVR 04/02 01:31:25z Send another ?aprst
WHO-15 KE7KUS-9 04/02 01:02:54z Reply T/Alyssa M Kochendarfer/NM/United States{1193
KE7KUS-9 WHO-15 04/02 01:02:54z Send another KG5WWV{29
KE7KUS-9 WA5FLG-15 04/02 01:02:41z Send another Hello Mr Bill!{30
WHO-15 KE7KUS-9 03/29 00:21:14z Reply T/Alyssa M Kochendarfer/NM/United States{451
WHO-15 KE7KUS-9 03/28 23:59:44z Reply T/Alyssa M Kochendarfer/NM/United States{450
N7NEV-6 KE7KUS-9 03/22 19:54:33z Reply DM43 in AZ.{12
K6MOX KE7KUS-9 03/21 20:36:38z Reply 73s {1