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XE3ISS KE4AZZ 05/30 19:21:26z Reply Saludos desde Cancun de Fher 73s
KE4AZZ K5DNA 05/29 20:07:46z Send another QSL de KE4AZZ EL{90
KE4AZZ YBOX-1 05/28 05:56:31z Send another KE4AZZ EL87wa{1M}
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 05/28 02:29:41z Reply Greetings from Trinidad have a blessed day 73's
KE4AZZ CQ 05/27 21:44:33z Send another de KE4AZZ via International Space Station {22
KE4AZZ CQ 05/27 21:44:30z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87{17
KJ5Z KE4AZZ 05/27 21:42:05z Reply TNX for call. EM20 in Tx.{40
KE4AZZ XE3ARV 05/27 02:06:21z Send another DE KE4AZZ VIA IO-86{1p}
KE4AZZ YBSAT 05/27 02:04:34z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87{1o}
K9QHO KE4AZZ 05/27 00:26:57z Reply Hello, EN70 QSL?
KE4AZZ K9QHO 05/27 00:26:11z Send another de ke4azz{1n}
K4KDR-6 KE4AZZ 05/26 22:48:17z Reply Heard you via FalconSat-3 in Montpelier, VA FM17es
W4JHM KE4AZZ 05/26 21:11:13z Reply QSL and 73 via FS3
KE4AZZ W4JHM 05/26 21:10:54z Send another qsl 73{1m}
W4JHM KE4AZZ 05/26 21:07:14z Reply Heard you via FS3 in Edgewater, FL EL98
KE4AZZ USAFA-1 05/26 21:05:25z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87wa{1W}
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 05/26 01:47:44z Reply Blessings, stay safe
TA5AHO-4 KE4AZZ 05/26 01:42:23z Reply very nice to hear that you are good MC KINLEY{10201
KE4AZZ CQ 05/24 16:04:55z Send another de ke4azz el87
KE4AZZ CQ 05/24 06:09:11z Send another Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ EL87{1P}
KE4AZZ CQ 05/24 06:06:49z Send another de ke4azz via io-86{1K}
KE4AZZ KJ4BJ 05/24 05:51:11z Send another de ke4azz{1i}
KE4AZZ CQ 05/23 23:22:50z Send another de KE4AZZ via International Space Station{13}
KE4AZZ CQ 05/23 23:21:27z Send another de ke4azz{0x}
KE4AZZ USNAP1-1 05/22 13:27:59z Send another Thanks for the check in.{1h}
KE4AZZ USNAP1-1 05/19 14:00:06z Send another ke4azz el87{1J}
KD7YZ-15 KE4AZZ 05/18 13:05:37z Reply ur 59 in EM88
KD7YZ-15 KE4AZZ 05/16 17:46:57z Reply help login
KE4AZZ K9QHO 05/15 03:10:05z Send another DE KE4AZZ EL87{1g}
KE4AZZ KB6LLTY-3 05/14 12:10:02z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87{1f}
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 05/11 13:28:21z Send another de ke4azz via IO-86{1d}
KE4AZZ W4TBD-6 05/11 05:45:08z Send another 73{1c}
KN4HAQ ke4azz 05/10 12:11:44z Reply morn mckinley!
N8URE KE4AZZ 05/09 14:59:24z Reply Heard u on IO-86
ZS1JAB KE4AZZ 05/04 21:08:31z Reply thanks, same. will send qsl. 73 de zs1jab{C0002
KE4AZZ ZS1JAB 05/04 21:06:03z Send another thanks for qso 73
ZS1JAB KE4AZZ 05/04 21:01:45z Reply hi ke4azz de zs1jab. how r u?{C0001
ZS1JAB KE4AZZ 05/04 20:57:20z Reply hi ke4azz frm zs1jab
KE4AZZ CQ 05/04 20:37:08z Send another To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the
KE4AZZ PSAT3-1 05/04 05:36:46z Send another de KE4AZZ{1a}
KA8EZT-7 KE4AZZ 05/01 14:11:48z Reply tnx fer message. 73 stay healthy
KE4AZZ KA8EZT-7 04/30 15:15:40z Send another de ke4azz{1Z}
XE1GK KE4AZZ 04/29 19:17:24z Reply saludos desde Nayarit 73
KE4AZZ XE1GK 04/29 17:40:38z Send another de ke4azz{1Y}
EB3EWQ KE4AZZ 04/29 17:13:10z Reply Greetings from Barcelona de Joan. 73{M
KE4AZZ EB3EWQ 04/29 17:08:56z Send another GREETINGS de KE4AZZ 73{1X}
EB3EWQ KE4AZZ 04/29 17:05:52z Reply Hello. How are you?{L
KE4AZZ CQ 04/29 17:03:40z Send another de KE4AZZ via NO-84{1H}
KE4AZZ PCSAT-11 04/27 20:34:18z Send another de ke4azz{1U}
KC1HHO-1 KE4AZZ 04/27 16:20:51z Reply hello from Quincy MA, how are you?{1
KE4AZZ PSAT3-1 04/26 16:15:37z Send another de ke4azz el87{1T}
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 04/23 19:15:17z Send another qsl 73{1I}
KE4AZZ HP2VX-2 04/20 02:02:40z Send another de ke4azz{1S}
KE4AZZ USAFA-1 04/19 21:19:59z Send another ke4azz el87{1R}
KE4AZZ PFS3-12 04/19 19:42:47z Send another Greetings Earthlings de KE4AZZ EL87{1Q}
KE4AZZ OA4AI 04/18 03:02:53z Send another de ke4azz{1O}
HP2BWJ KE4AZZ 04/17 02:38:25z Reply 73 DX desde Panama
KE4AZZ HP2BWJ 04/17 02:38:17z Send another de ke4azz{1L}
9Z4DZ-1 KE4AZZ 04/16 02:18:03z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/15 22:57:09z Reply TNX de Stephen{8
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 04/15 22:10:45z Send another qsl 73{1I}6
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/15 22:10:10z Reply Hi from EL95 QSL?{6
KE4AZZ USNAP1-1 04/15 00:06:12z Send another 550543A{1G}
KE4AZZ YBOX-1 04/14 03:13:56z Send another de ke4azz{1F}
KE4AZZ USNAP1-1 04/13 02:11:34z Send another de ke4azz{1E}
PSAT2 KE4AZZ 04/13 01:56:23z Reply Please Beacon Position{EZ}
KE4AZZ PSAT2 04/13 01:56:23z Send another de ke4azz el87{1D}
KE4AZZ KP3FT-2 04/12 18:32:31z Send another de ke4azz{1C}
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/12 18:29:08z Reply TNX de Stephen{90
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 04/12 18:27:40z Send another de ke4azz{1B}
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/12 18:26:21z Reply Hi from EL95 QSL?{89
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 04/09 00:57:51z Send another de ke4azz{19}
KE4AZZ K4KDR-6 04/05 23:33:10z Send another QSL 73{18}
NZ4D KE4AZZ 04/05 01:50:44z Reply well!{JT}
NZ4D KE4AZZ 04/05 01:50:37z Reply Okay then, bravo! Then add ours for another! Good job and stay+{JS}
NZ4D KE4AZZ 04/05 01:42:27z Reply So, hello from Winterville, NC de Mike, NZ4D ;-){JR}
NZ4D KE4AZZ 04/05 01:42:22z Reply and yet you are on my screen, most, if not every day calling CQ?{JQ}
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/04 17:56:39z Reply Call me on SARnet{54
KE4AZZ BLNA 04/04 16:49:07z Send another DE KE4AZZ{/RkhX}
KE4AZZ BLNA 04/04 16:48:43z Send another DE KE4AZZ{/RkhX
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 04/03 17:11:29z Send another QSL 73{17}
N8URE-7 KE4AZZ 04/03 17:09:08z Reply Hi from EL95 QSL?{53
KE4AZZ HK3CFM 04/03 17:04:02z Send another de KE4AZZ via ISS{16}
KE4AZZ NZ4D 04/03 13:07:22z Send another Yes I have logged 100's of QSO's via ISS ...
NZ4D KE4AZZ 04/03 02:15:26z Reply Does anyone ever answer your CQs?{JP}
KE4AZZ N8URE-7 03/31 19:30:29z Send another de ke4azz el87{15}
KE4AZZ XE1R 03/30 20:17:58z Send another qsl de ke4azz el87{14}
XE1R KE4AZZ 03/30 20:14:39z Reply Hi, 73 via ISS
N0BPI-7 KE4AZZ 03/25 01:04:24z Reply Greetings KE4AZZ Loud And Clear From Minnesota{25
K4KDR-6 KE4AZZ 03/24 21:54:03z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
K3CAN-4 KE4AZZ 03/24 21:53:38z Reply Hi from FN43, NH{23
K3CAN-4 KE4AZZ 03/24 21:53:14z Reply Hi from FN43, NH{22