KE0KHA-7 messages

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KE0KHA-7 KF5SMH-1 08/16 19:55:14z Send another Thank you for the reply,73
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 08/16 19:33:29z Send another hi dale from dave{1
KE0KHA-7 KF5SMH-1 08/16 19:31:24z Send another hi al from dave{1
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 08/16 19:30:05z Reply Hi.Dave EN16{68
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 08/13 00:37:57z Reply Greetings_from_EN16{62
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 08/13 00:37:48z Reply Greetings_from_EN16{61
KE0KHA-7 K9JKM 08/11 23:53:03z Send another hi from dave{1
KE0KHA-7 NOSKS-7 08/10 00:28:10z Send another hi Kevin at Wal-Mart go in to ely{1
KE0KHA-7 N0EO-9 08/09 22:07:59z Send another welcome to Ely 73{1
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 08/09 00:54:09z Send another hey Dale iss rocks!{1
KE0KHA-7 N0SKS-7 08/08 04:07:53z Send another Hi Kevin from dave{1
KE0KHA-7 KD8JAM-9 08/05 02:16:38z Send another 73 from Ely mn{1
KE0KHA-7 K0UC-11 08/05 02:06:43z Send another 73!!{2
K0UC-11 KE0KHA-7 08/05 02:06:25z Reply AA:qsl hi hi
KB0UGF KE0KHA-7 08/05 01:59:28z Reply get back 2 u
KE0KHA-7 KD0KQF 08/05 01:51:34z Send another hello from ely{1
KE0KHA-7 KD0AUK-1 07/31 02:01:43z Send another You showed up{1
KE0KHA-7 KL1PV 07/29 18:34:28z Send another hello from Ely mn{1
KE0KHA-7 K0KOC-7 07/29 18:32:30z Send another hello via satellite{1
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/25 03:05:28z Send another hello dale{1
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/25 02:58:07z Send another got it 73 dale{3
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/25 02:57:43z Reply Hi{40
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/25 02:55:27z Send another hey Dale we will have to try iss again{2
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/25 02:51:00z Send another test aprs{1
KE0KHA-7 K9JKM 07/24 00:34:14z Send another Hi via no-84!{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:14:59z Reply :AB0V :test3 1910 cst{7 worked
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:11:07z Reply I do not know about the aknowlege stuff
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/12 00:10:41z Send another test3 1910 cst{7
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:06:39z Reply stand by as I change my colors
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/12 00:04:56z Send another test2 did u get?{6
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:03:28z Reply test 1 is best
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/12 00:02:28z Send another test 1 and test 2?{5
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:02:08z Reply yes I received test and time ok !!!
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/12 00:01:58z Send another I am not getting any ack from u but I got 2 msgs {4
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/12 00:01:01z Send another I'm sending test and time{3
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/12 00:00:26z Reply did you send time
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 23:58:30z Send another good, test 2 1858 cst{2
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 23:57:50z Reply i saw that
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 23:50:33z Send another test1 1850cst{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 23:17:05z Reply Hello Dave do you want to try aprs txt
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:48:52z Send another Thx for checking{6
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:48:30z Send another ab0v{5
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:48:18z Send another I'll test with av0v later bruh{4
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:47:45z Send another 73{3
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:47:37z Send another lol{2
KE0KHA-7 W0PHX-7 07/11 16:47:21z Send another aprs, simplex?{1
W0PHX-7 KE0KHA-7 07/11 16:47:20z Reply hey dave{47
KE0KHA-7 W0KGW-9 07/11 16:16:10z Send another test msg, 73{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 03:19:54z Reply i did not get any signal
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 03:19:24z Send another okidoki{2
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 03:00:44z Reply I cant do that dave
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:58:14z Reply hello
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:57:39z Send another test{1
AB0V-7 KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:53:34z Reply about ready to call it
KE0KHA-7 AB0V-7 07/11 02:51:26z Send another twenty one fifty one{1
KE0KHA-7 ABOV 07/11 02:48:07z Send another twenty one forty seven{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:47:55z Reply cmon lets get this working
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:45:38z Send another 2145 cst{3
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:44:15z Send another 2144 cst{2
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:41:17z Reply i WONDER what is wrong with the setup
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:38:35z Send another 2138 cst{1
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:37:11z Send another time{4
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:37:05z Send another 2136{3
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:36:20z Reply NOT RECEIVING HERE
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:35:24z Send another Yes it is{2
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:34:40z Reply BEAUTIFUL EVENING
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:34:17z Send another Roger, it is nice out{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:33:06z Reply ARE YOU SENDING ME ANTHING
KE0KHA-7 ABOV 07/11 02:30:58z Send another it is calm{2
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:30:20z Reply hey we got it working !
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:29:01z Send another hiiiiiiiiiijiiiiii{1
AB0V KE0KHA-7 07/11 02:28:35z Reply ke0kha-7 hellooooo
KE0KHA-7 ABOV 07/11 02:18:57z Send another hi Greg from dave{1
KE0KHA-7 AB0V 07/11 02:16:04z Send another hi via lsac{1
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/08 14:18:39z Reply Hi{29
KE0KHA-7 K9JKM 07/05 16:55:54z Send another Hi Joanne via iss{2
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/05 16:55:34z Send another Hi dale via iss{2
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/05 15:18:34z Reply hi{21
KE0KHA-7 VA3DBJ 07/05 15:18:24z Send another hello Canada from mn{1
KC9YTT KE0KHA-7 07/04 16:12:53z Reply Happy 4th!
KE0KHA-7 W1CRB-7 07/04 16:12:17z Send another Hi Charles via iss{1
KE0KHA-7 K7TEJ-7 07/04 16:10:45z Send another Hi Rick via iss{1
KE0KHA-7 KC9YTT 07/04 14:34:05z Send another Hi Robert via iss{1
KE0KHA-7 K9JKM 07/04 14:34:05z Send another Hi Joanne via iss{1
K9JKM KE0KHA-7 07/03 17:04:41z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KC9YTT KE0KHA-7 07/03 15:26:48z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
K3RLD-1 KE0KHA-7 07/02 17:58:43z Reply TNX for call. FN20 in PA{27
K3RLD-1 KE0KHA-7 07/02 17:58:36z Reply AA:Tnx for call! You are 599 in FN20. 73!
KE0KHA-7 K3RLD-1 07/02 17:56:55z Send another .{2
KE0KHA-7 K3RLD-1 07/02 17:55:02z Send another Hi Roy via ISS{1
K3RLD-1 KE0KHA-7 07/02 16:22:05z Reply Hi from FN20 in PA{22
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 07/02 16:18:56z Send another Hi dale via iss{1
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/01 18:46:59z Reply 73{11
KE0KHA-7 KF1BUZ-2 07/01 17:12:59z Send another Hi dan via iss{1
WD0AKO-7 KE0KHA-7 07/01 13:56:23z Reply Hi from EN17 via ISS 73{01
KE0KHA-7 NIMDJ-7 06/29 18:54:56z Send another Hi mike via iss{1
KE0KHA-7 KF5SMH-10 06/29 18:54:56z Send another Hi Al via iss{1
N1MDJ-7 KE0KHA-7 06/29 16:19:04z Reply Hi Dave, listening on aprs?{13
KE0KHA-7 WD0AKO-7 06/25 17:36:11z Send another Hi via iss{1
KE0KHA-7 KF1BUZ 06/19 19:35:38z Send another Hi Daniel via iss{1