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SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/18 19:08:43z Reply @wife Love you!{M1428
SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/18 19:07:48z Reply Message to wife delivered{C1427
KD1ELK SMSGTE 05/18 19:07:45z Send another @wife? love u {78
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:56:01z Reply Ghjj
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:55:38z Reply Test
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:49:15z Reply Test again
KD1ELK KD1ELK-5 05/17 22:46:34z Send another Hey{77
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:44:12z Reply Hey there
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:42:52z Reply Testing
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/17 22:41:47z Reply Hey
SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/17 22:40:57z Reply @me hey{M1381
SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/14 23:23:05z Reply @me got it{R1256
KD1ELK SMSGTE 05/14 23:21:37z Send another @me complete{76
SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/14 23:21:03z Reply @me got it{M1255
SMSGTE KD1ELK 05/14 23:20:34z Reply @me got it{M1254
KD1ELK KD1ELK-5 05/10 22:17:22z Send another Howdy{75
KD1ELK-5 KD1ELK 05/10 22:16:30z Reply Howdy
KD1ELK KD7YAT-9 05/08 00:17:00z Send another hello from gilbert{74
KD1ELK KF7WIR-1 05/07 22:09:57z Send another hello from gilbert{73
KD1ELK KD1ELK 05/07 20:12:15z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
KD1ELK KD1ELK 05/07 20:12:15z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KD1ELK KD1ELK 05/07 20:12:15z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
KD1ELK KD1ELK 05/07 20:12:15z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
WHO-IS KD1ELK 05/07 20:10:49z Reply E/Kenneth McLeod/AZ/United States{BY}YZ
KD1ELK WHO-IS 05/07 20:10:49z Send another KM3N{YZ}
EMAIL-2 KD1ELK 05/07 19:48:02z Reply Email sent to huntjlc@gmail.com{577
EMAIL-2 KD1ELK 04/30 22:15:42z Reply Email sent to huntjlc@gmail.com{941
KD1ELK EMAIL-2 04/30 22:14:42z Send another huntjlc@gmail.com test{72
KD1ELK EMAIL 04/30 22:13:31z Send another huntjlc@gmail.com test{71
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/30 17:39:40z Reply Message to me delivered{R417
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/30 17:39:40z Reply Message to me delivered{R416
KD1ELK-9 KD1ELK 04/30 17:21:42z Reply hi via aisat{92
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/27 19:53:57z Reply Message to me delivered{C307
KD1ELK SMSGTE 04/27 19:53:45z Send another @me? testing sms {69
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/26 22:01:43z Reply @me Got it{M250
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/26 22:01:30z Reply Message to me delivered{R249
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/26 22:00:44z Reply Message to me delivered{C248
KD1ELK SMSGTE 04/26 22:00:42z Send another @me? test{68
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/18 13:48:20z Reply @me Got it{M9759
KD1ELK SMSGTE 04/18 13:45:23z Send another @me test{67
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/18 13:45:04z Reply @me Got it{M9760
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/18 13:44:54z Reply @me Received{M9758
SMSGTE KD1ELK 04/18 13:39:18z Reply Message to me delivered{R9757
KC7MG-9 KD1ELK 04/17 17:07:35z Reply ACK 73 via ISS/NO84/AISAT-1{256
KD1ELK KD1ELK-9 04/17 17:04:41z Send another FTM400 mobile{64
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/26 18:32:02z Send another @me test{62
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/24 17:23:19z Send another ?aprsm
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/24 15:51:49z Reply @wife One fish died{M8214
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/24 15:51:39z Reply @wife Love you{M8213
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/24 15:43:36z Send another @wife Love you good morning{61
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/24 14:46:53z Reply @wife Everything good?{M8208
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 23:00:53z Send another @wife Love you too{60
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 23:00:22z Reply @wife Love you{M8134
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 23:00:00z Reply Message to wife delivered{C8133
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 22:59:57z Send another @wife? no cell service @camp{59
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:48:51z Reply @wife That's awesome{M8121
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 20:48:00z Send another @wife getting epic photos{58
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:46:04z Reply @wife Be safe{R8119
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:46:04z Reply @wife Good{R8118
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:46:04z Reply Message to wife delivered{R8117
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:46:04z Reply Message to wife delivered{R8116
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 20:46:04z Reply @wife Back at you{R8115
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 17:44:15z Reply @wife Be safe{M8070
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 17:44:10z Reply @wife Good{M8069
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 17:43:50z Reply Message to wife delivered{C8068
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 17:42:38z Send another @wife? 4peaks done{57
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 17:29:53z Reply Message to wife delivered{C8067
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/23 17:26:27z Reply @wife Back at you{M8066
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 17:25:25z Send another @wife? 4peaks done{56
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/23 17:22:10z Send another @wife i love u {55
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/21 02:29:30z Send another @me test{54
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/18 13:06:24z Reply @me got it{M7869
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/18 13:06:09z Reply @me Got it{M7868
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/18 13:05:23z Reply @me Got it{M7867
SMSGTE KD1ELK 03/18 13:05:13z Reply Message to me delivered{C7866
KD1ELK SMSGTE 03/18 13:00:08z Send another @me? testing sms via psat{53