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KD0YUJ-9 N0EVH 02/15 20:57:57z Send another had good copy on you earlier from watkins mill on 52{37
TA5AHO-4 KD0YUJ-9 02/11 18:29:53z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2808
KD0YUJ-9 W4KDK-7 02/10 16:59:04z Send another good morning from Evan near kansas city{35
KD0YUJ-9 W4KDK-7 02/10 16:57:59z Send another 73 take care {36
W4KDK-7 KD0YUJ-9 02/10 16:51:37z Reply hi{1
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 02/10 16:41:30z Send another just got a digi thru ISS with ftm400{34
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 15:18:48z Reply FrzngRain 55.4mi NE at Trenton. Fr'ze Rain
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 15:07:47z Reply Trenton 55.4mi NE Watch out! Fr'ze Rain
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 14:53:57z Reply AA:Tnx fer connecting. I may respond, if available.
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 01/10 14:53:52z Send another destinated...let the fun begin{32
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 14:36:06z Reply I know, I've no sense of humor. lol{OH}
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 14:32:05z Reply Ice...now that's a downer!{OG}
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 14:31:12z Reply THAT, won't happen.{OF}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 01/10 14:30:44z Send another in 5 ft snowdrifts uphill both ways???{31
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 01/10 14:28:40z Reply same here, of course if push comes to shove, I'll walk to hy vee{OE}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 01/10 14:28:05z Send another got my bread and milk for snowmageddon{30
KD0YUJ-9 KD0YUJ 12/19 20:05:15z Send another ?cmd smosmi