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KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 11/02 20:06:37z Reply sometime try the 146.745 machine. Gud coverage.{VI}
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 11/02 20:05:58z Reply Cpy that.{VH}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 11/02 20:05:50z Send another no luck with tractor. headed home{29
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 11/02 20:03:57z Reply Ah, what's a couple of miles, here or there. hi hi{VG}
KD0YUJ-9 KF0ED 11/02 20:03:16z Send another the ftm400 reports chilli object as 39.3 miles!{28
KF0ED KD0YUJ-9 11/02 19:54:15z Reply I c ur location. Only 35m frm Chilli.{VF}
KD0YUJ-9 KD0YUJ 10/22 17:24:18z Send another ?cmd eatjjp