KC1FNM-7 messages

fromtotime message
WXBOT KC1FNM-7 10/01 18:31:53z Reply Simsbury Center CT. Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low 69{SG
KC1FNM-7 WXBOT 10/01 18:31:45z Send another tonight{24
WXBOT KC1FNM-7 10/01 14:18:39z Reply Avon CT. Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low 68{SF
WXBOT KC1FNM-7 10/01 12:15:20z Reply Avon CT. Tonight,Partly Cloudy Low 68{RY
KC1JDP-7 KC1FNM-7 09/02 13:47:01z Reply the tracking, heading home in the morning {20
KC1JDP-7 KC1FNM-7 09/02 13:46:58z Reply hey jim, then{18
KC1JDP-7 KC1FNM-7 08/20 20:22:05z Reply hello{17