KB8OTK-5 messages

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KB8OTK-5 N8CD-9 09/19 23:57:16z Send another hel{49
KB8OTK-5 KB8PXM-8 09/06 01:27:03z Send another HI CHARLIE{42
KB8OTK-5 KB8PXM-8 09/06 01:22:53z Send another HI CHARLIE{41
K3RLD-1 KB8OTK-5 08/26 20:32:51z Reply You are 599 into FN20 in PA{86
KB8OTK-5 K7MT-8 08/25 01:01:21z Send another AA:MSG RCV
K7MT-8 KB8OTK-5 08/25 01:01:14z Reply Howdy from Bill in Helena, Mt.{DN}
KB8OTK-5 ALL 08/24 20:36:17z Send another HELLO FROM NFL HALL of FAME CITY CANTON OH EN90HR{39
KB1ZGF KB8OTK-5 08/24 10:31:12z Reply go pats! {1
KB1ZGF KB8OTK-5 08/24 10:24:25z Reply 73s!{2
KB8OTK-5 RS0ISS 08/23 21:40:59z Send another .{38
KB2M-1 KB8OTK-5 08/23 21:37:27z Reply SRY, don't see you direct...73 Jeff
KB8OTK-5 ALL 08/23 21:34:42z Send another HELLO FROM NFL HALL of FAME CITY CANTON OH EN90HR{37
KB8OTK-5 KB2M-1 08/23 21:34:40z Send another LIVE here 2{36
KD0UHS KB8OTK-5 08/20 16:00:39z Reply Hello to you 73's from Rodney in KCK
WX4C KB8OTK-5 08/11 11:05:58z Reply Good morning from VA.{74
KB8OTK-5 N25DV 07/20 13:29:06z Send another GOOD MORNING FROM CANTON OHIO{32