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KB8VND-7 KB2M-2 09/18 05:48:24z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{7
KB8VND-7 KB2M-2 09/18 01:43:38z Reply Hi de KB8VND QSL? EM50 in MS{1
KB2M-2 N1RCN 09/12 11:53:16z Send another HI FM29{19
WB5DXG-7 KB2M-2 09/11 17:06:19z Reply 73 from EM42xh Brandon MS{12
N1RCN KB2M-2 09/11 12:44:48z Reply de n1rcn in Port Charlotte Flordia EL87 QSL?
KC5TGT-7 KB2M-2 09/11 12:42:12z Reply Hi de KC5TGT EM42{0
KB2M-2 K9JKM 09/03 13:52:48z Send another SRY, didn't hear you direct
VE3NKL-6 KB2M-2 09/02 15:40:44z Reply My QTH FN03, OP Nikolai. QSL?{77
K9JKM KB2M-2 09/02 15:38:11z Reply 59 nr Chicago EN52
KB2M-2 KE3LB 09/01 21:16:25z Send another hi, didn't hear you direct...73
KC4ZPL KB2M-2 09/01 16:34:25z Reply Hi{90
KE3LB KB2M-2 09/01 13:17:57z Reply hello from fn21 jack
KB2M-2 N1MDJ-9 08/30 15:51:48z Send another didn't hear direct FM29
N1MDJ-9 KB2M-2 08/29 19:05:10z Reply hi{1
K4KDR-6 KB2M-2 08/29 15:54:50z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N3FCX-4 KB2M-2 08/27 12:33:49z Reply GUD TO HEAR U JEFF{44
KB2M-2 N3JCS 08/25 13:46:50z Send another Hello Dan{YN}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/23 23:14:05z Send another Hi Russ how is the trip going? We did AC today, nice mid 70's here{YL}
KB2M-2 KB2M-1 08/23 12:41:42z Send another gm{YK}
KB2M-1 KB2M-2 08/23 12:32:37z Reply gm{1
KB2M-6 KB2M-2 08/21 14:52:49z Reply Test
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 08/17 15:35:38z Send another weekend crowd arrives{EG}
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 08/17 15:35:37z Send another Good morning Ed, Hot down here, were heading toSewell before the+{EF}
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 08/11 12:40:19z Send another back a few months ago{PB}
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 08/11 12:40:18z Send another GM. I know the feeling. Had to get a shot and some therapy on my+{PA}
N2RO-3 KB2M-2 08/10 19:55:57z Reply Had trouble yesterday. My back acted up.{0I}KN
KB2M-2 N2RO-3 08/10 00:27:05z Send another good evening Ed{KN}
N2RO-5 KB2M-2 08/06 23:50:25z Reply Lake & Shore.{04}CX
N2RO-5 KB2M-2 08/06 23:50:23z Reply Wish I could. Going home to pickup granddaughters & take them to{03}CX
KB2M-2 N2RO-5 08/06 21:30:00z Send another freshwater fishing ?{CX}02
KB2M-2 N2RO-5 08/06 21:29:59z Send another Hi Ed. We will be heading to shore tomorrow. Do you want to go+{CW}02
N2RO-5 KB2M-2 08/06 20:00:48z Reply Hi Jeff. At Sea Pines.{02}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/05 22:03:08z Send another lap and the 48 pusshed him home!{CV}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/05 22:03:08z Send another chase elliot won his first race, then ran out of gas on cool down+{CU}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/05 21:08:29z Send another you getting to your destination today?{CT}
KL1NK-6 KB2M-2 08/05 19:28:22z Reply Trip is going well. Rain all day so far.
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/05 17:00:41z Send another good morning!{CS}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/03 20:25:18z Send another have asafe trip{CR}
KL1NK-6 KB2M-2 08/03 14:17:55z Reply I did Jeff. Heading out to Teslin, YT
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/03 14:15:33z Send another you made it!{CQ}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/01 20:09:24z Send another Hi Russ!{CP}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/01 13:30:10z Send another Ok Russ, have a safe trip{CO}
KL1NK-6 KB2M-2 08/01 13:14:54z Reply GM Jeff. Off to Dawson Creek, BC. Will bea long day.
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 08/01 13:12:40z Send another have a quiet nite..73{CN}
KB2M-2 KL1NK-6 07/31 18:57:58z Send another Hi Russ how is the drive going ?{CM}