K0OQL-10 messages

fromtotime message
N0TRK-1 K0OQL-10 08/06 00:40:05z Reply PING{01
K0OQL-10 STLSMI 06/30 03:54:36z Send another ?APRSP
SMSGTE K0OQL-10 06/25 03:39:25z Reply @4428884944 Sent from phone to aprs{M4297
K0OQL-10 SMSGTE 06/25 03:36:21z Send another @4428884944 aprstext tes442.225+ WiresX {04
SMSGTE K0OQL-10 06/25 03:32:53z Reply The number 428884944 is invalid{E4296
K0OQL-10 SMSGTE 06/25 03:32:52z Send another @428884944 aprs text tes442.225+ WiresX {03
SMSGTE K0OQL-10 06/25 03:28:17z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit smsgte.wix.com/smsgte for help.{E4295
K0OQL-10 SMSGTE 06/25 03:28:17z Send another 4428884944 aprs text tes442.225+ WiresX {02