K0FFY messages

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TA5AHO-4 K0FFY 12/02 22:45:11z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS<><
NA1SA K0FFY 11/30 21:45:27z Reply heard in central PA
K0FFY NA1SA 11/30 21:45:11z Send another Hi from EN31 IA! QSL?{18
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:45:11z Send another QSL EN31. TNX/73!{17
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:44:04z Send another Using TH-D72/Arrow.{16
K0FFY NP4JV-9 11/30 21:44:04z Send another QSL EN31. TNX/73!{15
NP4JV-9 K0FFY 11/30 21:42:36z Reply DM41 QSL?{1
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:42:29z Send another QSL EN31. TNX/73!{14
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:42:28z Send another QSL EN31. TNX/73!{13
KC5TGT-7 K0FFY 11/30 21:41:58z Reply TNX for call. EM42 de KC5TGT{4
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:41:08z Send another Hi from EN31 IA! QSL?{11
K0FFY KC5TGT-7 11/30 21:41:06z Send another Hi from EN31 IA! QSL?{10
N0BPI-7 K0FFY 11/20 02:28:29z Reply K0FFY de N0BPI You are crystal clear in EN34{53