JA0CAW messages

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JA0CAW SAT 10/12 03:09:57z Send another Hello ALL
JA6PL JA0CAW 10/02 06:55:33z Reply GA via ISS
JA0CAW sat : 10/01 06:08:58z Send another ello All
JH9CEN JA0CAW 09/24 09:00:21z Reply TNX and 73 via ISS
JA0CAW JH9CEN 09/24 09:00:03z Send another TNX QSO 73 via ISS
JA0CAW JA6PL 09/23 09:52:04z Send another GE
JA6PL JA0CAW 09/21 09:59:22z Reply GE via ISS.
JA0CAW JA6PL 09/21 09:57:29z Send another GE via ISS
JA6BHL JA0CAW 09/19 11:43:40z Reply GE via ISS{17
JA0CAW JE1CVL 09/14 23:52:33z Send another GD UP 73
JA0CAW JE1CVL 09/14 23:52:17z Send another GU 73
JE1CVL JA0CAW 09/14 23:45:39z Reply Hello Good morning UR 599
LA7ECA-2 JA0CAW 09/10 22:49:36z Reply rejUISS54}
JA0CAW BLNQSL1/1 09/10 22:49:36z Send another DS2BWU,JA3BLK,JA6BHL-9{UISS54}
JA0CAW SAT 09/08 22:58:04z Send another ALL 73 via ISS
JA0CAW BLNQSL1/1 09/08 22:56:49z Send another JA6PL,RN0JT,DS2BWU,JA1AZR,JA6BHL-6,JO1MVU-6,JH4XSY{UISS54}
JA0CAW JA6PL 09/08 22:54:19z Send another TNX QSO
JP7DKH-1 JA0CAW 09/07 23:52:27z Reply rejQ
JA0CAW BLNQSL1/1 09/07 23:52:23z Send another JH4XSY,JH9CEN{UISS54}
JA0CAW SAT 09/07 22:13:25z Send another ALL 73
JA6PL JA0CAW 09/05 07:22:17z Reply GA via FalconSAT-3
RN0JT JA0CAW 09/01 22:34:41z Reply :QSL and 73 TU
RN0JT JA0CAW 09/01 22:34:18z Reply Hello OM
JH9CEN JA0CAW 09/01 02:42:54z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
JA0CAW JA5BLZ 09/01 02:40:53z Send another 73
JA1AZR JA0CAW 09/01 01:04:51z Reply Tnx &73 CU Agn
JA1AZR JA0CAW 09/01 01:04:30z Reply GM/GA via ISS
JA0CAW RN0JT 08/31 23:26:54z Send another Hello
JA5BLZ JA0CAW 08/31 08:35:58z Reply Hello via Falconsat-3
JA0CAW JA6PL 08/31 03:32:18z Send another TNX
JA6PL JA0CAW 08/31 03:31:51z Reply good JOB
JA6PL JA0CAW 08/29 05:34:30z Reply GA via NO-44
JA0CAW SAT 08/29 03:49:22z Send another GA ALL via NO-44
JA6PL JA0CAW 08/29 03:41:12z Reply TNX QSO 73 CU
JA0CAW DS2BWU 08/28 21:10:52z Send another GM via ISS
JA3BLK JA0CAW 08/28 04:32:20z Reply 73 Via ISS
JA0CAW SAT 08/28 04:32:07z Send another ALL TNX QSO 73
JA0CAW SAT 08/27 22:04:51z Send another ALL-73
JA0CAW JA6PL 08/27 03:48:32z Send another OK 73
JA6PL JA0CAW 08/27 03:48:19z Reply RRR
JA0CAW JA6PL 08/27 03:48:06z Send another NO-44 Try
JA6PL JA0CAW 08/27 03:47:50z Reply UR 599
JA0CAW JO1MVU 08/25 22:09:20z Send another GM
JA0CAW JA5BLZ 08/25 22:08:41z Send another TNX QSO 73
JA5BLZ JA0CAW 08/25 22:08:26z Reply Hello via ISS
JA0CAW JA5BLZ 08/25 05:27:36z Send another GA