IS0EBO-4 messages

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OE5RPP IS0EBO-4 11/22 15:04:56z Reply 73 from Austria via NO-44 de Peter{56
EA4GII-9 IS0EBO-4 11/18 21:10:51z Reply 73{8
TA5AHO-7 IS0EBO-4 11/18 20:54:54z Reply Greetings from Turkey(
TA5AHO-7 IS0EBO-4 11/18 20:16:07z Reply Greetings from Turkey.,
TA5AHO-7 IS0EBO-4 11/18 20:00:19z Reply hi my friend
EA4GII-9 IS0EBO-4 11/12 08:07:37z Reply 73{6
EA4GII-9 IS0EBO-4 11/12 08:07:34z Reply 73{5
PE1PZW IS0EBO-4 11/12 01:41:01z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
9H1FF IS0EBO-4 11/09 07:34:17z Reply Hello de Fred
F5BQV IS0EBO-4 11/02 08:44:52z Reply Hello and 73's from Pierre IN87SN
OE3CGG IS0EBO-4 11/02 05:34:25z Reply vy73 via ISS OM Gerold{06
IZ0IWD IS0EBO-4 10/30 06:28:49z Reply ?aprsd{01
OE5RPP IS0EBO-4 10/29 10:41:44z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{26
IW1FZR IS0EBO-4 10/29 09:00:37z Reply 73 via ISS QSL via
M0NPT IS0EBO-4 10/26 11:36:07z Reply De M0NPT IO92Kx qsl?
2W0SEU-7 IS0EBO-4 10/26 10:02:43z Reply Greetings from Snowdonia{61
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 10/22 11:53:22z Reply Hi from Exeter{0
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 10/20 09:29:14z Reply Hi from Exeter {0
M0TFO IS0EBO-4 10/17 14:39:18z Reply Good afternoon 73 de M0TFO IO81TI
CT1EIF IS0EBO-4 10/17 11:25:57z Reply Hi from Moura, Portugal, via ISS, 73
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 10/09 18:25:12z Reply Hi from Exeter{3
M0KKA-7 IS0EBO-4 10/02 21:16:34z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 73's{93
M0KKA-7 IS0EBO-4 10/02 21:16:31z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 73's{92
M0KKA-7 IS0EBO-4 10/02 13:25:04z Reply HI DE Cris IO91 73's{86
IZ5ILX IS0EBO-4 09/29 20:44:49z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info :
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 09/29 16:46:01z Reply Hi from Exeter{1
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 09/25 17:24:54z Reply Hi from Exeter{2
IW5BNY IS0EBO-4 09/22 22:02:31z Reply Hello de Roberto Florence Tuscany ciao
CU2JX-10 IS0EBO-4 09/17 06:24:11z Reply hello{RR}