IR0UGN-1 messages

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SY1COD-6 IR0UGN-1 12/17 15:20:39z Reply Hello! 73 from Athens! {34
9H1FF IR0UGN-1 12/14 16:19:23z Reply Hello de Fred
DL1ZAS IR0UGN-1 12/14 14:40:24z Reply hello from dl1zas{0T}
TA5AHO-4 IR0UGN-1 12/02 22:55:01z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS..<
OE5RPP IR0UGN-1 11/30 20:26:31z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{21
TA5AHO-4 IR0UGN-1 11/28 22:10:11z Reply Hi, it's nice to hear from you on the ISS___
IR0UGN-1 DL6WAB 11/28 18:55:39z Send another 73 de IZ0QWM - Inet to RF iGate is closed
DL6WAB IR0UGN-1 11/28 18:55:39z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
IS0AML-6 IR0UGN-1 11/28 15:43:15z Reply 73 de IS0AML -Massimo-{6
DO6MDA IR0UGN-1 11/27 21:26:02z Reply RS0ISS
SQ1FYB-4 IR0UGN-1 11/27 21:25:01z Reply 73's via ISS! Andy from Stargard JO73mi
IZ1JKF IR0UGN-1 11/25 19:14:21z Reply 75{72
SQ1FYB-4 IR0UGN-1 11/23 23:18:37z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS!
IT9FTP IR0UGN-1 11/23 18:25:47z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
PA7BEN IR0UGN-1 11/23 00:09:53z Reply 73' de PA7BEN{28
PD0MNI IR0UGN-1 11/21 23:23:32z Reply 73 All From Mario The Netherlands
F6HDW IR0UGN-1 11/14 23:02:06z Reply QSL to
IU2DMI IR0UGN-1 11/11 22:27:15z Reply ciao 73 via sat