IK2WQH-7 messages

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IK2WQH-7 IW2HJO 05/25 08:16:59z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{53
IK2WQH-7 BLN 05/20 09:51:43z Send another Hi from JN45PM
IK2WQH-7 IU2GZQ-10 05/20 06:23:48z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{52
IW2LWB-9 IK2WQH-7 05/18 18:11:00z Reply Ciao{09
IK2WQH-7 IW2LWB-9 05/18 18:05:44z Send another Ciao{51
IK2WQH-7 BLN 05/18 18:03:13z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy
IK2WQH-7 SV2CPH-1 05/11 14:31:15z Send another Ciao{48
OZ0AJ-7 IK2WQH-7 05/11 14:28:21z Reply Hi from Denmark!{0
IK2WQH-7 BLN1 04/30 14:38:44z Send another Test from pocket Aprs
IK2WQH-7 BLN 04/30 14:21:51z Send another Hi from jn45pl
IZ2FOW IK2WQH-7 04/28 16:02:36z Reply rej0
IZ2KIW IK2WQH-7 04/28 13:13:56z Reply 73 Simone
IZ2SNY IK2WQH-7 04/28 13:05:31z Reply hi fm jn45nd {03
IK2WQH-7 IZ2SNY 04/28 12:45:18z Send another 4hi fm jn45pl italy{44
IK2WQH-7 IW1DBK 04/28 12:44:14z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{43
IK2WQH-7 IW2HJO 04/28 12:37:33z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{42
IK2WQH-7 IZ2KIW 04/28 10:36:28z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{41
IK2WQH-7 IZ2KIW 04/28 08:21:15z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{40
IK2WQH-7 BLN0 04/28 08:11:54z Send another qrv iss
IK2WQH-7 IW2LWB-9 04/27 08:22:27z Send another hi fm jn45pl italy{37
IZ2FOW IK2WQH-7 04/27 07:37:34z Reply rej36
IK2WQH-7 IZ2FOW 04/27 07:37:30z Send another Buongiorno test qso{36
IK2WQH-7 IN3WZS-1 04/27 07:34:00z Send another Ciao{35
IK2WQH-7 HB9PMF-9 04/26 18:43:58z Send another ciao{34
IK2WQH-7 BLN0 04/25 15:35:49z Send another qrv text messages
APRS2SOTA IK2WQH-7 04/25 15:00:14z Reply Error: No/Invalid Freq, No/Unknown Mode.{8bc
IK2WQH-7 APRS2SOTA 04/25 15:00:13z Send another i/lo-192 test{32
APRS2SOTA IK2WQH-7 04/25 14:59:49z Reply Error: No/Invalid Freq, No/Unknown Mode.{8bb
APRS2SOTA IK2WQH-7 04/25 14:58:47z Reply Error: No/Invalid Freq, No/Unknown Mode.{8ba
APRS2SOTA IK2WQH-7 04/25 14:58:13z Reply Error: No/Invalid Freq, No/Unknown Mode.{8b9
APRS2SOTA IK2WQH-7 04/25 14:56:51z Reply Error: No/Invalid Freq, No/Unknown Mode.{8b8
IK2WQH-7 APRS2SOTA 04/22 22:06:03z Send another i/lo-192{31
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 21:30:50z Send another fabio.sona@gmail.com test bello{30
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 21:30:49z Reply Email sent to fabio.sona@gmail.com{1197
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 21:18:12z Send another clara.zanussi@icloud.com Tutto a posto{29
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 21:17:10z Reply Email sent to clara.zanussi@icloud.com{1196
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 21:13:49z Send another clara.zanussi@icloud.com {28
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 21:10:47z Reply Email sent to clara.zanussi@icloud.com{1195
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 19:13:16z Send another clara.zanussi@icloud.com ciao dalla radio F{27
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 19:13:15z Reply Email sent to clara.zanussi@icloud.com{1194
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 18:16:01z Send another ?APRSP
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 18:13:11z Send another sop64@iol.it test via aprs{26
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 18:12:09z Reply Email sent to sop64@iol.it{1193
EMAIL-2 IK2WQH-7 04/22 17:23:32z Reply Email sent to fabio.sona@gmail.com{1192
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL-2 04/22 17:20:32z Send another fabio.sona@gmail.com ciao{25
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL 04/22 17:02:54z Send another fabio.sona@gmail.com ciao{24
IK2WQH-7 EMAIL 04/22 16:36:08z Send another fabio.sona@gmail.com{23
IK2WQH-7 SOTA 04/19 16:50:34z Send another I/LO-192 145.500 FM IK2WQH{22
IK2WQH-7 SOTA 04/19 16:39:47z Send another I/LO-192 145.500{21
IK2WQH-7 SOTA 04/19 16:35:01z Send another I/LO-192{19
IK2WQH-7 SOTA1 04/19 16:32:57z Send another I/LO-1932{20