G7HCE-7 messages

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G7HCE-7 F6HDW 11/14 23:01:02z Send another TNX QSO 73 IO80 via ISS{2
F6HDW G7HCE-7 11/14 23:00:35z Reply QSL to f6hdw@orange.fr
G7HCE-7 F6HDW 11/14 23:00:24z Send another Hi from Exeter{1
G7HCE-7 OZ1MAS 11/14 09:44:43z Send another Hi from Exeter{2
KZ4RTB G7HCE-7 11/11 13:06:29z Reply Hi... QSL? ...first contact ever?!
KZ4RTB G7HCE-7 11/11 12:59:49z Reply Hi....my first ham contact ever?!
IZ1JPS G7HCE-7 11/11 11:55:20z Reply QSL 73 {43
IZ1JPS G7HCE-7 11/11 08:37:03z Reply QSL 73 HAVE A NICE SUNDAY{42
G7HCE-7 OZ0AJ-7 11/10 10:55:28z Send another Hi from Exeter{3
G7HCE-7 OZ0AJ-7 11/10 10:55:13z Send another AA:73's de David
OZ0AJ-7 G7HCE-7 11/10 10:55:09z Reply Hi from Denmark!{0
G7HCE-7 IS0EBO-4 11/08 12:18:04z Send another Hi from Exeter{0