G7HCE-7 messages

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DL5MGZ-9 G7HCE-7 09/13 19:32:51z Reply Hello back from Munich!
IZ1JPS G7HCE-7 09/10 21:02:46z Reply qsl 73 sorry I'm late{33
EI8ETB G7HCE-7 09/10 04:26:08z Reply Hello From Cork via ISS
G7HCE-7 CT1EIF 09/04 09:39:37z Send another Hi G7HCE in IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{4
EA1SB G7HCE-7 09/04 08:02:23z Reply 73 from Leon IN72 via ISS
G7HCE-7 EA1SB 09/04 08:02:02z Send another QSL and 73's via ISS{2
G7HCE-6 G7HCE-7 09/03 18:11:40z Reply hi{1
G7HCE-6 G7HCE-7 09/03 18:06:42z Reply hi{3
G7HCE-6 G7HCE-7 09/03 18:06:32z Reply hi{2
G7HCE-7 GB8SSD 09/02 22:15:47z Send another Hi de David IO80gr via PSAT-QSL?{2
G8RZZ-9 G7HCE-7 09/01 10:44:25z Reply HI{8
ON4HF-6 G7HCE-7 09/01 10:43:57z Reply HI{0
ON4HF-6 G7HCE-7 09/01 10:39:48z Reply AA:Msg received
2W0SEU-7 G7HCE-7 09/01 09:05:04z Reply Good morning, 73s de Malc{2
2W0SEU-7 G7HCE-7 09/01 09:04:23z Reply Thank you for the contact{4
G7HCE-7 2W0SEU-7 09/01 09:03:47z Send another AA:73's de David
G7HCE-7 S51BJ 08/31 09:56:00z Send another Hi from Exeter{4
YU7RD G7HCE-7 08/31 08:20:23z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
G4BCA-7 G7HCE-7 08/29 19:01:43z Reply Many thanks for your reply via ISS! 73, Dave
TA1BM G7HCE-7 08/28 08:43:35z Reply tnx via iss .73
ON7BRT G7HCE-7 08/28 07:46:32z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{55
OZ1MAS G7HCE-7 08/22 18:12:55z Reply Hi from Jorgen jo54wx denmark it still works :-)
G7HCE-7 F5SN 08/22 11:20:01z Send another Hi from Exeter {0
ON3MD G7HCE-7 08/22 09:47:02z Reply Hi from ON3MD in Belgium
CT1EIF G7HCE-7 08/20 14:39:30z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
G7HCE-7 CT1EIF 08/20 13:05:07z Send another Hi from Exeter{5
G7HCE-7 G0LCQ-7 08/20 13:04:03z Send another Hi from Exeter{3
M0NRT G7HCE-7 08/19 15:33:43z Reply 73 de M0NRT
G7HCE-7 G4BCA-7 08/19 15:33:30z Send another Hi from Exeter {3
G7HCE-7 M0NRT 08/19 15:33:26z Send another QSL and 73's via ISS{1
M0ZPG G7HCE-7 08/16 18:13:48z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
G7HCE-7 F5SN 08/16 18:09:48z Send another Hi from Exeter{4
G7HCE-7 G4RAA 08/16 18:09:44z Send another Hi from Exeter{2
G7HCE-7 M0ZPG 08/16 18:09:41z Send another Hi from Exeter{0
G4RAA G7HCE-7 08/16 18:09:25z Reply 59 nr Windsor IO91
G7HCE-7 M0ZPG 08/16 18:08:56z Send another Hi from Exeter{1
OZ1MAS G7HCE-7 08/11 03:49:09z Reply Hi from jo54wx denmark
HB3YGP G7HCE-7 08/09 16:14:38z Reply rej1
G7HCE-7 HB3YGP 08/09 16:13:35z Send another Hi from Exeter {1
G7HCE-7 OE5RPP 07/18 19:24:55z Send another Hi from Exeter{7
G7HCE-7 MX0MXO 07/18 19:23:58z Send another Hi from Exeter{6