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G4VXE CT1EIF 10/09 20:02:23z Send another hi{23
EI8ETB G4VXE 10/08 20:53:07z Reply Hello Tim, From Cork via ISS
G4VXE EI8ETB 10/08 17:40:23z Send another hi{21
G7HCE-7 G4VXE 10/08 17:40:18z Reply Hi de David IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{3
G7HCE-7 G4VXE 10/08 17:40:16z Reply Hi de David IO80gr via ISS-QSL?{2
G4VXE M0SKM 10/08 17:39:12z Send another hi{20
YU7RD G4VXE 10/08 11:37:36z Reply All the best to you de Vlado.
G4BCA-7 G4VXE 10/01 15:46:52z Reply Hi, tnx for msg via PSAT 73, Dave
IZ5ILX G4VXE 10/01 15:37:58z Reply TNX FOR QSO 73
G4VXE G4BCA-7 10/01 15:37:47z Send another hi{12
IZ5ILX G4VXE 10/01 15:37:19z Reply QSL ,73 via NO-84 , info : iz5ilx@amsat.it
2W0SEU-7 G4VXE 09/30 19:49:09z Reply Greeting's from Snowdonia{72
G7HCE-7 G4VXE 09/30 19:48:09z Reply Hi from Exeter{4