F8FFP-10 messages

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OZ0AJ-7 F8FFP-10 10/15 15:54:54z Reply Hi from Denmark!{1
DL9DS-7 F8FFP-10 10/06 16:02:26z Reply Hello from JO63NK de Dietmar!{0
G7HCE F8FFP-10 10/01 18:41:48z Reply Hi from Exeter IO80 via ISS - QSL !!
IS0AML-6 F8FFP-10 09/28 18:04:29z Reply 73 de IS0AML -Massimo-{4
TA5ABO-4 F8FFP-10 09/26 21:59:56z Reply Hello ISS de TA5ABO Mersin/TURKEY{68
2W0SEU-7 F8FFP-10 09/24 19:56:51z Reply Greetings from NW Wales{11
M0NPT F8FFP-10 09/24 19:56:22z Reply 599 IO92KX QSL and 73 via NO84
G4DCQ-2 F8FFP-10 09/19 21:02:06z Reply Hello QSL your Signals in JO02QV Distance is 755 klm
IU2DMI F8FFP-10 09/18 20:18:25z Reply ciao 73 via iss
DL6WAB F8FFP-10 09/05 05:14:00z Reply QSL and 73 via RS0ISS
G7HCE-7 F8FFP-10 09/02 09:24:10z Reply Hi from Exeter{6
DL6AP-7 F8FFP-10 08/26 10:12:37z Reply Hello from JO64 de Andy!{9