EI7IG messages

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EI7IG EI7IG-7 02/06 20:53:25z Send another test2{0O}
EI7IG EI7IG-7 02/06 20:51:17z Send another Test{0N}
EI7IG EI7IG-8 02/06 20:50:20z Send another Test{0M}
EI7IG EI7IG-7 02/05 21:27:25z Send another test{0L}
EI7IG EI4HMB 02/04 19:41:28z Send another ping{0K}
EI7IG EI4HMB 01/26 14:54:00z Send another South of Rosslare Harbour, in the sea ;){0J}
EI7IG EI4HMB 01/26 12:48:53z Send another Morning... I assume you are aware you have your location set to{0I}
EI7IG EI2FG-9 01/26 12:17:21z Send another Test John, please ignore, trying to findhung digipeater{0H}
EI7IG EI2FHP-1 01/26 11:13:25z Send another ?APRSD