EI7IG messages

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F4HXJ-1 EI7IG 09/09 18:04:11z Reply GOOD TEST{01
EI7IG EI7IG-8 09/09 17:16:37z Send another Blobby2{0E}
EI7IG EI7IG-7 09/09 17:15:30z Send another Blobby{0D}
EI7IG EI9DMR 09/09 17:06:15z Send another BLN02729 TEST{0C}
EI7IG BLN2729 09/09 17:05:35z Send another TEST{0B}
EI3HIB EI7IG 08/26 17:12:32z Reply That said it's linking fine with LLP - 90 miles! {JW}0A
EI7IG EI3HIB 08/26 17:07:44z Send another Interesting.. you might mention that to EI8JA..{0A}JV
EI3HIB EI7IG 08/26 16:59:55z Reply No problem! Sigs do seem weaker from MLP.{JV}09
EI7IG EI3HIB 08/26 16:57:03z Send another feck... just in the door missed it{09}
EI7IG EI2HIB 08/26 09:41:11z Send another Safe Driving{07}
EI7IG EI3HIB-7 08/18 20:07:36z Send another ping{06}