EA1JN-6 messages

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TA5AHO-4 EA1JN-6 01/21 23:32:26z Reply Greetings from TURKEY{41
EA1JN-6 RS0ISS 01/19 21:29:55z Send another 73 all
EA1JN-6 EA1HLH-6 01/17 20:32:21z Send another welcome to Space David. 73
EA1JN-6 EA1HLH-6 01/17 20:30:42z Send another welcome to Space David
EA1JN-6 F1MOJ 01/15 21:54:20z Send another thank you, look yor email
F1MOJ EA1JN-6 01/14 20:43:44z Reply ARISS QSL -send me your postal adress at f1moj66@orange.fr
DU6DKL-9 EA1JN-6 01/08 08:09:11z Reply safe track 73 d Kako Phil PK10lr{A
DU6DKL-9 EA1JN-6 01/08 08:08:04z Reply safe track 73 d Kako Phil PK10lr{9
EA1JN-6 EA6XQ-15 12/24 23:25:22z Send another 73 colega. Feliz 2020
EA6XQ-15 EA1JN-6 12/19 13:25:08z Reply QSL and 73 via ISS
EA1JN-6 DU6DKL-1 11/28 20:45:28z Send another greetings from IN52RU
EA1JN-6 G7HCE-7 11/28 20:44:04z Send another 73 via iss from in52ru
EA1JN-6 DB1DT-7 11/27 17:19:29z Send another 73 via ISS de Tom pse QSL
G7HCE-7 EA1JN-6 11/26 19:02:56z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr - QSL!{0
EA1JN-6 DB1DT-7 11/21 20:00:57z Send another 73 from santiago de compostela
EA1JN-6 RS0ISS 11/19 20:20:59z Send another hello all
EA1JN-6 EA1CIU-6 11/19 20:13:05z Send another saludos Tomas
EA1JN-6 DL7ORE 11/19 20:10:43z Send another 73 via ISS