E24TVS-2 messages

fromtotime message
YD0SPU E24TVS-2 10/09 13:14:55z Reply 59 OI33IP 73 de YD0SPU
YD1SCC E24TVS-2 10/09 13:14:46z Reply You Are 5/9 QSL and 73's
E24TVS-2 YD0SPU 10/09 13:14:28z Send another 59 Good Luck Thank you
YD1SCC E24TVS-2 10/09 13:13:18z Reply You Are 5/9 Om Yono 73
E24TVS-2 Heard 10/09 13:12:57z Send another YB0X-1,YD0NXX,YC9ABD,YC7VVA,YD1SCC
E24TVS-2 Heard 10/08 12:51:19z Send another YC3BVG,YD0NXX,YB0X-1,HS6KLJ-6
ON4AA E24TVS-2 10/05 00:23:10z Reply Hello from Belgium{B,ZZz
E24TVS-2 HS9DMC-10 10/04 14:15:15z Send another https://www.qrz.com/db/E24TVS
E24TVS-2 YD0NXX 10/03 18:50:01z Send another QSL and 73
YD0NXX E24TVS-2 10/03 12:41:22z Reply pls don't manually put * on the path
YD0NXX E24TVS-2 10/03 12:40:19z Reply thanks and 73
E24TVS-2 YD0NXX 10/03 12:40:07z Send another Good day You're 599 Thx
YD0NXX E24TVS-2 10/03 12:36:40z Reply 59 from OI33JS
E24TVS-2 YD0NXX 10/03 12:36:00z Send another via YB0X-1,RS0ISS*,PSAT2-1,AISAT-1
E24TVS-2 YD0NXX-4 10/02 13:49:06z Send another E24TVS 59 Good Luck Thank you
YD0NXX E24TVS-2 10/02 12:16:53z Reply pls dont put *
YD0NXX E24TVS-2 10/02 12:14:39z Reply 59 from OI33JS de YD0NXX
E24TVS-2 Heard 09/02 13:22:38z Send another YB0X-1,HS6KLJ-6,HS6KLJ-11
E24TVS-2 Heard 08/30 01:35:33z Send another E24TVS-10,YB0X-1,HS6KLJ-6,HS6KLJ-11
E24TVS-2 Heard 08/27 12:34:34z Send another E24TVS-2 UR RPRT 599 via RS0ISS
E24TVS-2 E24KHS-6 08/21 13:51:29z Send another Good night bye bye
E24TVS-2 E24KHS-6 08/21 13:51:06z Send another E24TVS 59 Good Luck Thank you via RS0ISS*
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS* 08/21 13:47:09z Send another via YB0X-1*,RS0ISS*,PSAT2-1*,AISAT-1*
E24TVS-2 E24TVS-2 08/20 20:28:05z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,-1,0,0,1,0
E24TVS-2 E24TVS-2 08/20 20:28:01z Send another UNIT.Pkt,Pkt,Pkt,dBm,%
E24TVS-2 E24TVS-2 08/20 20:27:57z Send another PARM.RxTraffic,TxTraffic,RxDrop,RSSI,SUN
E24TVS-2 RS0ISS 08/12 12:46:10z Send another DX: E24TVS-2 via RS0ISS* 14276.6 km 42