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DW4TIM-10 DU6DKL-9 05/02 00:54:40z Reply Good morning, tito kako, it's been awhile haha 73{4
DU6DKL-9 KE1MP-9 04/25 04:50:39z Send another Hello Tim de Kako{S
DU6DKL-9 KE1MP-9 04/25 02:44:40z Send another Hello Tim de Kako{R
DU6DKL-9 KE1MP-9 04/25 02:44:22z Send another Hello Tim de Kako{Q
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/25 02:16:31z Reply but I am working, kids are working, wife is layed off, all safe{28
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/25 02:15:54z Reply state still shutdown school canceled for remained. total mess+{27
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/25 02:14:10z Send another hows COVID? heard ybox,psat-1,rs0iss{P
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/25 02:08:54z Reply maybe hit a couple satellites{26
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/25 02:08:16z Send another just woke up nothinq tdo wen ur stock{O
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/25 02:05:16z Reply all day here today, not to hard but just a constant drizzle{25
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/25 02:04:16z Send another Rained ystrday 4 20mins hihi{N
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/25 02:02:47z Reply not a bad day, TGIF. nice to not have work tomorrow how about U{24
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/25 02:00:52z Send another GE/GM Peter how was your day?{M
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/24 17:50:33z Send another QRT{L
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-1 04/24 17:50:05z Send another QRT{K
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-9 04/24 17:39:05z Reply : dtgay2 j1jx{001
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/24 17:35:44z Send another QRT{J
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 04/24 16:37:23z Send another 6{I
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-9 04/24 15:13:12z Reply : dtgay2 {000
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/24 15:09:03z Send another 4{H
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/24 15:05:23z Send another 4{G
DU6DKL-9 CQ 04/24 15:01:36z Send another 73 2 all{F
YB7VVA DU6DKL-9 04/24 15:01:12z Reply GE also 599 tnx de OI89om
DU6DKL-9 YB0X-1 04/24 15:01:07z Send another 59{E
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/24 14:59:39z Send another GM OM 73{A
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:24:59z Reply ;){9170
DU6DKL-9 TA5AHO-4 04/24 02:23:49z Send another send my 73 to Ertuglo hihi{9
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:21:00z Reply take care my friend;) 73's{9169
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:20:34z Reply see you again{9168
DU6DKL-9 TA5AHO-4 04/24 02:20:29z Send another rgards to all tnx{8
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:20:13z Reply it is always nice to communicate with you{9167
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:19:53z Reply please be careful about your health{9166
DU6DKL-9 TA5AHO-4 04/24 02:18:59z Send another Same here staying home wid family{7
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:17:50z Reply I am happy to receive your good and healthy news{9165
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:17:18z Reply I hope we can communicate again{9164
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:16:55z Reply I'm so glad you're good.{9163
DU6DKL-9 TA5AHO-4 04/24 02:16:03z Send another GM Mersin frm Neqros{6
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:15:41z Reply I hope you and your family are safe too{9162
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:15:11z Reply me and my family are fine. we are safe at home{9161
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:14:37z Reply thank you my friend{9160
DU6DKL-9 TA5AHO-4 04/24 02:13:51z Send another GM Hamit> hope all is well{5
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:13:33z Reply I wish you a nice day.Mersin / from TURKEY{9159
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:11:50z Reply PHILIPPINES to Greetings{9158
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:10:45z Reply TALISAY, NEGROS{9157
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:08:44z Reply Greetings from TURKEY{9156
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-9 04/24 02:08:12z Reply Good morning my friend{9155
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:48:55z Send another kip safe 73{4
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:47:53z Send another we have no winter hahaha{3
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:46:15z Reply have a great day got to secure 73{23
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:43:22z Reply all year right?{22
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:43:06z Send another summertime here {2
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:40:44z Reply wow it snowed here yestrday winter doesnt want to go{21
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:39:45z Send another not a drop fell{1
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:38:29z Send another yup hrd Thors hammer lst nte{0
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:35:21z Reply dry heat?{20
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:35:00z Send another cloudy no rain 32'C{Z
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:33:05z Reply still quar here too probably 3 more weeks{19
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:32:24z Send another all good `another quar ext{Y
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:30:36z Reply going to rain all day, beautiful day today{18
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:29:35z Send another GM Boston{X
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-9 04/24 01:29:17z Reply yes all good here ... how about you?{17
DU6DKL-9 KC1HHO-1 04/24 01:28:28z Send another Praying all is well:){W
DU6DKL-9 HS6KLJ-6 04/24 01:06:15z Send another 73 PK10LR{V
DU6DKL-9 HS6KLJ-6 04/24 01:05:47z Send another 73 PK10LR{U
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/24 00:59:02z Send another 59 73>{T
DU6DKL-9 YD5RMS 04/23 14:39:07z Send another 73{S
YB7VVA DU6DKL-9 04/23 14:38:45z Reply also 599 tnx de OI89om
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/23 14:37:52z Send another tnx OM{R
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/23 14:36:43z Send another 59 73>{Q
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/23 14:36:00z Send another 59 73>{P
DU6DKL-9 YB7VVA 04/23 14:35:27z Send another 59 73>{O
DU6DKL-9 YD0RH-5 04/23 14:34:01z Send another 59{N
DU6DKL-9 HS6KLJ-6 04/23 14:33:14z Send another 73{M
DU6DKL-9 YD0RH-5 04/23 14:32:43z Send another 59{L
DU6DKL-9 YD0NXX 04/23 14:31:56z Send another 73{K
DU6DKL-9 YD0RH-5 04/23 14:31:01z Send another 73{J
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-4 04/23 12:52:01z Send another call LL{I
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-4 04/23 12:29:07z Send another call LL{H
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-4 04/23 12:27:45z Send another dinner na?{G
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-9 04/23 11:50:06z Reply : dtgay2 k{004
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/23 11:49:33z Send another puli na{F
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-9 04/23 09:53:25z Reply gg{84
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-9 04/23 09:47:56z Reply : dtgay2{002
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/23 09:43:51z Send another puli na{E
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-11 04/22 04:35:59z Send another ver?{D
DU6DKL-4 DU6DKL-9 04/22 04:35:36z Reply AA:QSL but QRL
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-4 04/22 04:35:06z Send another ver?{C
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-12 04/22 04:12:38z Send another Greetings de Kako 73){B
WA1GOV-10 DU6DKL-9 04/22 02:31:04z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
DU6DKL-9 WA1GOV-10 04/22 02:31:00z Send another Greetings de Kako 73){A
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-9 04/22 02:12:22z Reply AGAIN?{83
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-5 04/22 02:11:36z Send another rej82
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-9 04/22 02:11:25z Reply WHERE?{82
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-5 04/22 02:09:35z Send another rej81
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-9 04/22 02:09:28z Reply WHERE?{81
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-5 04/22 02:08:33z Send another rej80
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-9 04/22 02:08:26z Reply DIIN KAMO?{80
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-8 04/22 02:08:02z Send another rejSA}