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CQSRVR DU6DKL-6 03/29 15:46:46z Reply 1 messages sent to ALL{LM}DZ
DU6DKL-6 M0GQT-1 03/29 15:46:46z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 15:46:46z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME{DZ}LL
M0GQT-1 DU6DKL-6 03/29 14:51:05z Reply CQ ALL Hi this is Steve fm St Neots, UK
CQSRVR DU6DKL-6 03/29 13:46:46z Reply 0 messages sent to ALL{LL}DY
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 13:46:46z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME{DY}
CQSRVR DU6DKL-6 03/29 06:52:55z Reply 0 messages sent to ALL{LK}RP
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 06:52:55z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME{RP}LJ
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 04:55:53z Send another AA:QSL IM QRL
CQSRVR DU6DKL-6 03/29 04:52:54z Reply 0 messages sent to ALL{LJ}RO
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 04:52:54z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME{RO}
CQSRVR DU6DKL-6 03/29 02:52:40z Reply 0 messages sent to ALL{LI}RN
DU6DKL-6 CQSRVR 03/29 02:52:39z Send another CQ ALL LET'S AVOID COVID-19, LET'S STAY HOME{RN}
DU6DKL-6 USNAP1-1 03/28 03:36:16z Send another KEEP SAFE{FR}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 03/26 10:57:22z Reply good morning, have a great day!{78
DU6DKL-6 BLN2 03/26 06:13:55z Send another COVID19 STAY SAFE
DU6DKL-6 BLN3 03/26 03:47:10z Send another ** STAY SAFE ,STAY HOME- SAVE LIVES 73!
DU6DKL-6 CQ 03/25 03:32:08z Send another STAY HOME, STATY SAFE
DU6DKL-6 CQ 03/25 03:30:42z Send another HELLO
DU6DKL-6 CQ 03/25 03:29:18z Send another HELO CQ DX
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/24 17:39:42z Reply : nice{034
DU6DKL-6 HS5IKI-5 03/24 17:25:21z Send another ARE YOU OK?{GE}
DU6DKL-6 BLN3 03/24 00:40:47z Send another DIGIPEATER / LOCKED DOWN BUT FINE
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 03/23 10:15:59z Reply test{36
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/23 05:31:58z Reply QTH{L
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/23 05:31:35z Reply qsl tnx 59 im qrl mobing
HS6KLJ-6 DU6DKL-6 03/22 19:11:23z Reply HELLO,from ham radio thailand
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/22 15:56:03z Send another ?APRSP
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-2 03/22 11:36:04z Send another AA:Sorry Im out of the shack, 73!
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-6 03/22 11:33:10z Reply hello my friend, tnx and all the best from Negros Island{KO}
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 03/22 10:39:47z Reply aprs{17
DU6DKL-6 WA1RF 03/22 06:43:39z Send another tNX Ron,, anyway keep safe my friend and give my regards to Peter+{TB}
DU6DKL-6 BLN0 03/22 05:16:31z Send another KEEP SAFE EVERYONE
WA1RF DU6DKL-6 03/22 02:12:50z Reply hello kako. kc1hho-1 told me to say hello. i am ron in state of ma{03
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 03/21 12:50:34z Send another chow{OC}
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/21 06:56:54z Reply 3{G
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/21 06:50:38z Reply : test sending from my DMR{001
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/21 05:23:02z Reply 73 from Negros Island Philippines{7
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 03/21 03:34:14z Send another HELLO{UX}
DU6DKL-6 YBSAT 03/20 13:58:33z Send another HELLO VIA LAPAN{WH}
DU6DKL-6 AISA1 03/19 01:36:42z Send another HELLO AISAT-1{JX}
ISS DU6DKL-6 03/19 01:18:47z Reply AOS 7h08m (0827z) SE^14{VT}
DU6DKL-6 ISS 03/19 01:18:47z Send another ?ping?
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/18 18:33:06z Reply 2{R
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/18 17:55:11z Reply : a{094
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/18 16:02:07z Send another JHH{GW}
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/18 16:00:56z Reply : k{086
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/18 15:43:38z Reply 4{G
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 03/17 11:13:00z Reply snowing now, rain later 73{32
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/16 23:55:48z Reply 3{J
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 03/16 23:54:47z Reply 3{K
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 03/16 10:53:50z Reply hope all is well, crazy but OK here 73{19
DU6DKL-6 HS6KLJ-2 03/12 12:43:45z Send another HELLO MR KORN YOU CAME IN AGAIN HIHI{HU}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/11 08:33:34z Send another GO{HT}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/11 03:59:36z Send another WED 1159{HL}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 03/09 08:26:10z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 03/09 08:26:09z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 03/09 08:26:09z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-6 03/09 08:26:09z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/09 08:08:10z Send another OK{JW}
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/09 06:19:27z Reply : k{053
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/09 06:03:50z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{19
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/09 06:02:22z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{11
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/09 03:14:14z Reply : k{051
DU6DKL-6 YBSAT 03/09 01:04:17z Send another hello to all via YBOX-1{JV}
PSAT DU6DKL-6 03/08 05:44:41z Reply AOS 2h08m (0753z) SE^41{QW}XA
DU6DKL-6 PSAT 03/08 05:44:41z Send another HELLO TO ALL VIA PSAT=2{XA}QV
PSAT DU6DKL-6 03/08 05:43:47z Reply AOS 2h09m (0753z) SE^41{QV}
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/07 03:15:54z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{09
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/07 03:14:54z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{08
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/07 03:13:14z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{07
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/07 03:12:14z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{06
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/07 03:10:34z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{05
DU6DKL-6 CQ 03/07 02:01:23z Send another HELLO CQ VIA YBOX
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/06 05:33:50z Send another got it{YT}
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/06 05:33:22z Reply : 2{034
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/06 05:24:46z Reply : 2{033
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/06 05:22:40z Send another fff{YS}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/06 05:21:59z Send another kkk{YR}
DU6DKL-12 DU6DKL-6 03/06 03:40:23z Reply : l{030
DU6DKL-6 CQ 03/05 13:30:14z Send another hello cq to all via LAPAN 73
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 03/05 13:22:38z Reply check out the SA6BSS-7 ballon{79
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/05 12:58:16z Send another thurs{IJ}
PSAT2 DU6DKL-6 03/05 04:26:11z Reply AOS 1h21m (0547z) NW^49{PA}
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/05 04:12:44z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{04
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 03/04 12:44:47z Reply -12 not showing on APRS{70
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/04 10:30:26z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{03
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-6 03/04 10:28:41z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{02
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/04 05:43:43z Send another AG{HS}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-12 03/04 05:32:12z Send another BEST {HR}
DU6DKL-6 YBOX-1 03/04 00:59:22z Send another FROM RADIO NEGROS DU6DKL MABUHAY{HP}
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-6 03/04 00:59:01z Reply rtrt{JW}
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-5 03/03 13:58:08z Send another g{HO}
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 03/03 13:57:40z Reply p{95
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 03/03 13:51:41z Reply tt{88
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-5 03/03 13:35:02z Send another gg{HN}
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 03/03 13:29:00z Reply test{83
SMSGTE DU6DKL-6 03/03 07:57:07z Reply The number 09331006098 is invalid{E5310
DU6DKL-6 SMSGTE 03/03 07:57:07z Send another @09331006098 TEST{EC}
SMSGTE DU6DKL-6 03/03 07:56:35z Reply Country code PH is not supported{E5309