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DU6DKL-2 9W2DYA-5 04/22 04:37:52z Send another GM my friend, stay safe 73!{AX}
DV5OCA DU6DKL-2 04/21 06:44:57z Reply lkwise po ingat maupay na kulop 73!{PH}
DU6DKL-2 DV5OCA 04/20 15:51:18z Send another STAY SAFE 73.. MAAYUNG GABI{TC}
PSAT2 DU6DKL-2 04/20 15:47:30z Reply SE^5 SE LOS 1m31s{HQ}TB
DU6DKL-2 PSAT2 04/20 15:47:30z Send another CQCQ{TB}HP
PSAT2 DU6DKL-2 04/20 15:45:14z Reply SE^16 SE LOS 3m47s{HP}TA
DU6DKL-2 PSAT2 04/20 15:45:14z Send another THANKS FOR THE PASS{TA}HO
PSAT2 DU6DKL-2 04/20 15:44:51z Reply SE^19 SE LOS 4m10s{HO}SZ
DU6DKL-2 PSAT2 04/20 15:44:50z Send another youre 59 in NEGROS{SZ}
YB7VVA DU6DKL-2 04/20 15:05:54z Reply tnx ur 59 73 de OI89om
DU6DKL-2 RS0ISS 04/20 12:54:28z Send another Hello RS0ISS 73 to all de Kako{SY}
YC9CCS DU6DKL-2 04/19 13:43:38z Reply Thankyou Om{08
DU6DKL-2 YB7VVA 04/19 13:13:00z Send another WELCOME 73{SW}
DU6DKL-2 YC9CCS 04/19 13:10:21z Send another 73 STAY SAFE{SX}
YB7VVA DU6DKL-2 04/19 13:00:58z Reply tnx 73 de OI89om
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-2 04/17 11:26:43z Reply copy{69
DU6DKL-2 KC1HHO-7 04/17 11:21:48z Send another Same to you, stay safe always!{SV}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-2 04/17 11:19:20z Reply have a good weekend, stay safe!{67
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/17 03:40:20z Send another KEEP SAFE ALL
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/17 03:39:36z Send another HELLO WORLD
DU6DKL-2 IW3BTS-9 04/12 10:35:32z Send another greetings from Negros Island Philippines{XX}
DU6DKL-2 IW3BTS-9 04/12 10:35:17z Send another keep safe, 73 de Kako{XW}
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-7 04/11 14:42:25z Send another DU6DKL-2>S59ACP,TCPIP*,qAC,T2EHIME
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-2 04/11 13:35:40z Reply tt{23
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-2 04/11 13:25:47z Reply ?ping?{22
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-2 04/11 13:20:35z Reply test{21
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/11 05:08:09z Reply qsl... see next pass{39
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/11 05:07:46z Send another HEAR U ON THE NEXT PASS{XV}
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/11 04:55:23z Send another HEAR YOU ON THE NEDT PASS{XU}
YB7VVA DU6DKL-2 04/11 04:44:54z Reply GD sorry late respon ur also 59 im fine hope so u de OI89om
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/10 13:14:31z Send another KEEP SAFE AND STAY HOME
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/10 02:46:54z Send another 73 MY FRIEND{YI}
DU6DKL-2 YB8XM 04/10 02:43:10z Send another HELLO MY FRIEND 73{YH}
DU6DKL-2 YB7VVA 04/09 14:33:12z Send another 599 MY friend keep safe 73 de Kako{YG}
YD0NXX DU6DKL-2 04/09 04:06:56z Reply 59 from OI33JS de YD0NXX
DU6DKL-2 YD0NXX 04/09 02:16:25z Send another YOUR 599 in PK10lr, stay safe 73{TX}
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/09 00:29:49z Send another HELLO MR RIAN {TV}
JA3GBT-2 DU6DKL-2 04/08 06:31:30z Reply rej4
JA3GBT-2 DU6DKL-2 04/07 23:33:28z Reply rej3
DU6DKL-2 K7KLA-2 04/07 14:33:51z Send another greetings from the Philippines de Kako{TU}
DU6DKL-2 TA5SBG-7 04/07 14:32:56z Send another greetings from Negros Philippines de Kako{TT}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-2 04/07 11:54:48z Reply GM from Boston. All is well 73{52
DU6DKL-2 KC1HHO-1 04/07 09:46:23z Send another your most welcome {TS}
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-2 04/07 01:48:00z Reply you as well thanks for your prayers much appreciated 73 ttyl{3
DU6DKL-2 KC1HHO-1 04/07 01:47:01z Send another stay safe all the time wishing you a pleasant day{TR}
DU6DKL-2 KC1HHO-1 04/07 01:46:45z Send another Lets pray and hope for the best, take care my friend{TQ}
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/06 06:31:04z Send another hello via psat
JA3GBT-2 DU6DKL-2 04/06 04:27:19z Reply JA3GBT-2 CALL YIRES X 0202ROOM
JA3GBT-2 DU6DKL-2 04/06 04:27:18z Reply rej2
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/03 12:19:58z Send another STAY HOME STAY SAFE
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-7 04/03 05:12:30z Send another DU6DKL-2>APWW10,TCPIP*,qAC,T2TOKYO3
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-2 04/03 05:12:29z Reply ?ping?{20
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/03 03:43:48z Send another K sir tnx also be safe 73{HZ}
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/03 03:42:58z Reply Ok Sir,,, See You Next Time.. Bye,. 73..{12
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/03 03:39:06z Reply very nice{11
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/03 03:37:45z Reply great sir{10
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/03 03:37:26z Send another RIG KENWOOD B2000 AND KENWOOD D700{HY}
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/03 03:37:11z Send another apps UISS, APRSIS32 and UI-VIEW{HX}
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/03 03:35:51z Reply what kind of device are you using, sir{09
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/03 03:34:47z Send another HELLO MY FRIEND{HW}
DU6DKL-2 CQ 04/03 03:34:26z Send another BE SAFE STAY HOME
YC5ABK DU6DKL-2 04/03 03:33:19z Reply Hello Sir...{08
DU6DKL-2 YC5ABK 04/03 03:31:56z Send another HELLO VIA YBOX{HV}
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-5 04/02 00:37:12z Send another DU6DKL-2>APWW10,TCPIP*,qAC,T2NANJING
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-2 04/02 00:37:11z Reply ?APRST
DU6DKL-2 OE3SZA-9 03/31 07:31:03z Send another Thanks Dr. Sebastian for the APRS greetings from Austria, all the+{WC}
DU6DKL-2 HS6KLJ-6 03/31 05:32:04z Send another hello my friend keep safe{WA}
DU6DKL-2 ISS-10 03/30 01:40:02z Send another tnx Luke wow.. from the ISS HIHI thanks likewise my best of 73 and+{OJ}
ISS-10 DU6DKL-2 03/29 21:37:58z Reply 73 to you de IK6GZM Luke!
DU6DKL-2 OE3HGB-1 03/29 02:56:49z Send another TAKE CARE MY FRIEND 73... STAY SAFE{YQ}
ISS DU6DKL-2 03/28 07:23:24z Reply AOS 8h41m (1605z) NE^36{XN}
DU6DKL-2 ISS 03/28 07:23:24z Send another ?PING?
DU1AJ-5 DU6DKL-2 03/28 03:57:31z Reply good! were safe here also tondo 73{2
DU6DKL-2 DU1AJ-5 03/28 03:56:56z Send another TNX U too bro be safe were fine here{YW}
DU1AJ-5 DU6DKL-2 03/28 03:55:19z Reply be safe bro{1
DU6DKL-2 BLN3 03/26 14:26:45z Send another -SGATE WEBSERVER on 145.825MHz Negros Phil.
DU6DKL-2 BLN4 03/26 14:25:45z Send another LOCKED DOWN -STAY HOME= SAFE
DU6DKL-2 BLN2 03/26 06:12:44z Send another KEEP SAFE AND GOD BLESS
DU6DKL-2 BLN4 03/26 06:07:14z Send another OCKED DOWN BUT ALL IS FINE
DU6DKL-2 BLN2 03/26 03:47:55z Send another ** STAY SAFE ,STAY HOME- SAVE LIVES 73!
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-2 03/25 16:18:12z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{01
DU6DKL-11 DU6DKL-2 03/25 16:16:11z Reply qsl@facebook.com/du6dkl&QRZ.com [UISS]{00
DU6DKL-2 CQ 03/25 01:41:09z Send another HELLO EVERYONE KEEP SAFE COVID19
DW8BRQ DU6DKL-2 03/24 14:33:52z Reply likewise kuya Kako...{MC}
DU6DKL-2 CQ 03/24 13:48:31z Send another KEEP SAFE EVERYONE
EB3EWQ-7 DU6DKL-2 03/23 18:43:56z Reply of course i will{T
DU6DKL-2 EB3EWQ-7 03/23 13:13:50z Send another hi Joan, looked you up at qrz.. pls qsl if you rx my return tnx 73{XF}
EB3EWQ-7 DU6DKL-2 03/23 13:11:15z Reply Tanks for contacting!!
VK4GO DU6DKL-2 03/22 21:26:31z Reply on the map{00
VK4GO DU6DKL-2 03/22 21:22:42z Reply I see Iceland{99
VK4GO DU6DKL-2 03/22 21:21:47z Reply test{98
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-2 03/22 20:18:09z Reply 73{2
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-2 03/22 20:17:26z Reply you hear from Ron{1
DU6DKL-2 KC1HHO-1 03/22 15:57:46z Send another ?APRSP
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-2 03/22 11:36:04z Reply AA:Sorry Im out of the shack, 73!
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-6 03/22 11:33:10z Send another hello my friend, tnx and all the best from Negros Island{KO}
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-2 03/22 10:39:24z Reply aprsdroid{19
DU6DKL-2 BLN2 03/22 05:18:13z Send another WE ARE OK.. LOCKED DOWN BUT FINE
DU6DKL-2 DU6DKL-2 03/22 02:06:23z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking