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DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 10/20 15:32:22z Reply test{J
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 10/20 15:32:05z Reply test{I
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 10/19 00:30:03z Reply gud am{E
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 10/18 22:23:25z Reply gud am{D
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 10/18 17:25:49z Reply TNX{A
DU6DKL DX8ZAC 10/18 17:24:46z Send another 73 de Kako{40
DU6DKL DV2JB 10/18 17:23:47z Send another GOOD MORNING 73!{39
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 10/18 17:20:44z Send another HELLP{38
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/28 00:12:56z Reply Hi Kako copy me ?{69
DW8BRQ-10 DU6DKL 09/27 22:29:40z Reply GM kuya Kako hihi{QK}
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 14:21:10z Reply AA:SORRY IM OUT..
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 09/27 14:20:30z Send another -HELLO DU6DKL-11{21
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 09/27 14:18:50z Send another QSL{20
DU6DKL DU6DKL-11 09/27 14:18:30z Send another HELLO{19
DU6DKL DU6DKL-11 09/27 14:14:36z Send another TEST{17
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 09/27 14:14:17z Send another UU{18
DU6DKL DU6DKL-11 09/27 14:08:43z Send another 73{16
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 08:30:17z Reply go{F
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 09/27 08:26:42z Send another qsl{15
PSAT DU6DKL 09/27 08:15:41z Reply AOS 24m14s NW SW^9 S 8m{ZS}
DU6DKL PSAT 09/27 08:15:41z Send another ?ping?
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 08:04:24z Reply hello{C
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 08:02:18z Reply hello{A
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 08:02:15z Reply hello{B
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 06:16:54z Reply hello{9
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/27 06:12:42z Reply test{8
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/26 04:40:03z Reply Hello how copy me Kako{68
DU6DKL DU6DKL-9 09/26 01:01:53z Send another Path - DU6DKL-9>APK101
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/26 01:01:51z Reply ?PING?{C
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL 09/26 01:00:58z Reply UP AND RUNNING{B
DU6DKL DU6DKL 09/26 00:59:54z Send another SUP AND RUNNING{14
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/26 00:57:55z Reply [AA] Sorry Im out the Radio room now !!{67
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/26 00:57:52z Send another good morning Art{13
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/26 00:13:40z Reply Hello Kako{64
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/26 00:13:26z Send another Path - VK4GO>APU25N,TCPIP*
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/26 00:13:24z Reply ?APRST
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:40:03z Reply I be back ok now{61
DU6DKL DU6DKL-1 09/25 06:27:39z Send another where you?{37
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:26:04z Reply ok 73 Cul{60
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:25:53z Send another ok tnx ill need to go out now 73{36
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:25:49z Reply standby{59
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:25:24z Reply qrx I take a shower now be back after 20 minutes{58
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:25:17z Send another anyway im back just drop me a msg anytime{35
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:25:01z Send another been out for long{34
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:24:56z Send another k Art its nice to connect again with you{33
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:24:42z Reply Lol {57
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:24:28z Send another hahaha you ae my elmer hahaha{32
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:24:19z Send another ok i will.. and if i have it already.. ill need your help{31
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:24:16z Reply yes have to program the radio also bbetter ask a friend{56
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:23:38z Reply search maybe EBay DMR Hotspot{55
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:23:29z Send another is it ok i mean it works?{30
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:22:56z Reply I have a china HS{54
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:22:42z Send another OK.. SO I HAVE TO BUY ONE HAHAHA{29
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:22:29z Reply yes{53
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:22:21z Send another by hotspot thats the way you can connect to thw world?{28
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:22:15z Reply yes you need there is no DMR repeater in DU-land{52
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:21:43z Reply wow good many in your country are with DMR hotspot{51
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:21:20z Send another still learning.. it needs a hotspot?{27
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:20:42z Send another btw i just bought a dmr radio from retevis{26
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:20:36z Reply you have also DMR ?{50
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:20:13z Reply ok UI-View great{49
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:20:12z Send another the one that you installed for me hahaa{25
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:19:58z Send another UI-View32 V2.03 - http://www.UI-View.com
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:19:57z Reply ?ver?
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:19:50z Reply is a long time what are you using now software ?{48
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:19:27z Send another was out of long been busy{24
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:19:13z Send another yes its me hihi{23
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:19:11z Reply all is ok fine here Kako{47
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:18:53z Reply Kako san ?{46
VK4GO DU6DKL 09/25 06:18:45z Reply hello{45
DU6DKL VK4GO 09/25 06:18:16z Send another hi Art.. how are you, its been awhile 73!{22
DU6DKL DU6DKL 09/25 02:57:17z Send another qsl{21
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/25 02:15:49z Reply qsl{R
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/25 01:39:44z Reply going home{Q
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/24 13:36:55z Reply ty{H
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/24 06:57:19z Reply ty{G
DU6DKL-10 DU6DKL 09/24 06:56:39z Reply 59
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/24 06:56:12z Reply thanks{F
DU6DKL-10 DU6DKL 09/24 06:55:50z Reply 599{YV}
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/23 02:32:36z Reply 59{0
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/23 00:09:44z Reply hello{U
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/23 00:05:04z Reply coming home{T
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/22 23:29:01z Reply coming home{S
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/22 23:26:08z Reply coming home{R
DU6DKL-1 DU6DKL 09/22 10:48:02z Reply hello{M
DU6DKL DU6DKL-1 09/22 10:47:00z Send another hh{18
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 09/21 13:53:00z Send another lll{17
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 09/21 13:52:19z Send another ,kk{16
DU6DKL-10 DU6DKL 09/20 16:39:23z Reply jkl
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL 09/20 16:38:36z Reply jj
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 09/20 16:38:09z Send another gh{15
DU6DKL DU6DKL-6 09/20 16:36:52z Send another test{14
DU6DKL-10 DU6DKL 09/20 12:56:00z Reply TEST{ZF}
DU6DKL DU6DKL-1 09/20 10:45:08z Send another HELLO{13
DU6DKL ARISS 09/06 12:59:43z Send another hello world via AMSAT{G