DL5MGZ-9 messages

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TA5AHO-7 DL5MGZ-9 11/24 00:02:05z Reply thank you my friend Thomas
DL5MGZ-9 IZ2KIW 11/24 00:00:17z Send another Hi Simone. Tnx for the msg. 73! Tom
DL5MGZ-9 TA5AHO-7 11/23 23:59:03z Send another Tnx for the message! 73! Tom
IZ2KIW DL5MGZ-9 11/21 21:48:38z Reply QSL and 73 op. Simone Greeting from ITALY
TA5AHO-7 DL5MGZ-9 11/18 20:52:08z Reply Greetings from Turkey-'+
IZ2LWA DL5MGZ-9 10/07 15:21:30z Reply 73{11
DL5MGZ-9 IZ5ILX 10/07 08:34:00z Send another tnx fer ur msg via iss and psat! 73 tom
ON7BRT DL5MGZ-9 10/04 19:38:22z Reply ON7BRT JO11UB{61
IZ5ILX DL5MGZ-9 10/01 15:46:22z Reply QSL ,73 via NO-84 , info : iz5ilx@amsat.it
IZ5ILX DL5MGZ-9 09/29 22:20:07z Reply QSL, 73 via ISS info : iz5ilx@amsat.it