AG5MX messages

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AG5MX-10 AG5MX 10/07 23:38:41z Reply hello{MO}
AG5MX KF5KNH 10/05 14:55:27z Send another You seem to be having fun up there.....
AG5MX N61VB 10/05 14:52:27z Send another Receiving your packet up here in Purvis MS 73!
AG5MX K4TQR-1 10/04 03:50:15z Send another 73 Birmingham{0
AG5MX-10 AG5MX 10/02 04:09:14z Reply Hello!{VI}
KE4AZZ AG5MX 10/01 06:52:26z Reply de ke4azz via iss 73{3S}
AG5MX NB3T 09/30 22:48:25z Send another AA:Message received - 73! De AG5MX
NB3T AG5MX 09/30 22:48:20z Reply QSL NB3T EM97se 73{9
AG5MX NB3T 09/30 22:45:32z Send another 73{1
NB3T AG5MX 09/30 22:45:02z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{6
AG5MX-10 AG5MX 09/30 22:36:52z Reply Hi back{JU}
AG5MX-10 AG5MX 09/30 22:15:31z Reply AA:Ack : AG5MX-9
AG5MX AG5MX-10 09/30 22:15:01z Send another hello{0
KE4AL-9 AG5MX 09/27 23:45:04z Reply Hi! EM71 in AL.{6
NB3T AG5MX 09/27 23:44:23z Reply Hi - NB3T EM97se QSL?{1
AG5MX RS0ISS-11 09/27 23:43:08z Send another Ahoy from the Lamar Christian School Robot Team Purvis MS FTC 11698{0