AC2KU-1 messages

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KE8FZT-7 AC2KU-1 08/27 20:49:26z Reply hi{11
N4ZQ AC2KU-1 08/23 13:27:38z Reply slow it down
K4KDR-6 AC2KU-1 08/19 21:49:28z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
KK4XZ-6 AC2KU-1 08/15 23:42:28z Reply QSL, de Tom in NC, 73...
KE4AZZ AC2KU-1 08/15 00:36:49z Reply de ke4azz 73{14}
KC9YTT AC2KU-1 08/12 01:34:05z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield! 73's
KB2MN AC2KU-1 08/09 18:39:04z Reply QSL{33
AC2KU-1 KB2MN 08/09 18:38:42z Send another SEE YOU SOON{9
AC2KU-1 AC2NJ 08/09 18:34:19z Send another MESSAGE RECEIVED{8
AC2KU-1 AC2NJ 08/09 18:30:10z Send another MESSAGE{7
AC2KU-1 KB2MN 08/09 18:30:03z Send another OK{6
KB2MN AC2KU-1 08/09 18:05:56z Reply try and send message to me {32
KB2MN AC2KU-1 08/09 18:01:32z Reply showishowing here at ty qth{31
KB2MN AC2KU-1 08/09 18:01:21z Reply OK. This message sent from my house via whatever path. you are{30